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Monday, March 18th 2024, 1:15am

New ideas

sorry drunk again, here is something to waste ur time reading

-every time i add something to shop cart whoel shop f5'es . annoying.....fix it

-Auto dress and pocket change does it one by one and takes time, cant it be done faster ?

-Add more Auction filter like alliance /clan etc.

-add more items for estate shops. more variety and also new rep like Blabla masonry for specially improving estate better and make it important part of gameplay.

-Consider making game on unity or unreal engine ? and add it to steam ? less lag better options.

-Less grinding pleaseeeeee. its so hard to be end game player and even ahrder to sustain it. soo p2w. end game war is about who can burn more money faster but not about fights. this is not sustainable for online games especially ur audience grow old and have less time for playing.....

-change chad ass Elite guards ,add something to increase Ally power. that way defender player will have will to fight and enjoy more. Elite guards dont have feelings we do :( either way enemy gonna lose it, so if player itself gains victory but not the EG , he will feel more participated.

-Why most items ahve expire date ? why we even have that thing ? after truning back to game in certain time and seeing all my abckpack rotted is not nice :( and players should not be forced that much being active. thats brutal. %90 of items dont need expire date.

-new char slot for profession tools seperatly from weapons.


-pls ease the hunting , increase spawn rates , rewards,decrease item prices. %90 of game is preparing for pvp and %10 is again preparing for pvp..... this way we dont have fun and lose interest....

-big resources update: lvl11 fishes also gives mana when eaten. lvl16 fishes also gives small temporary bonuses like %1 dmg for next 2 mintue etc etc. make active profession more included in game. i dont remember when i last time sued profession

-more technical detail on effects etc. less flavor texts ( like dont tell me it increases stun rate, tell me how much )

-i wanna see my armour/style armour etc in fight while hunting but if i dont use tranform elixir my animations slow and i hunt less. can u delete aniamiton speed for native animaitons? but i also dont want my enemy to see if im in block or not . so he sees what i used as transform but my own team see my armour just like i do ?

-reduce fight times. (not the 20 sec turn time but general) fights take hours... HOURS... im not ur employee im here to play game and ahve fun. we need faster play time...

-more hotkeys for more actions.

-More use of clan citadel, i dont remeber when i used it last time. Something like we get more usefull buildings and areas on citadel and whole clan pays upkeep of it in clan treasure otherwise buildings not operate. so whoel clan works for something benefitable.

-New daily boss on walteria square. whole ppl join and dmg it and get money as much as they dealt dmg.
something like 1000 imp scorp worth of mob. we join and melt it .

-game and players are so toxic. we here to have fun and those behaviors should be punished harder.

-stop revieving curses. those players got curse for a reason right ? rest of us are not stupid to act according to rules..

- İn-battle boosts for 3rd professions. (like healer heals, exe dmg adn lcoksmith like prevents using abilities of arrows pets etc) there is empty slot on left side fo screen. you can use there. or you know what ? even for 1st and 2nd profesisons too xD nobody reads this thread anyway.

-this games crafting system must be improved hugely. thats what amkes regular games into gret games

-archivments grants pve boosts

-better clan emoticons

-more sexy images of furry mobs :red:

-easier and cheaper estate tleports. to estate and from estate but esspecially to estate

-new ways to get ruby fro rpemiums :( im poor

-wedding rings that accidentlly put in clan bank should be transferable to outisder conseqrator without needing him in clan for at least 14 days :D

-event/location influences has local statistic boosts


Monday, March 18th 2024, 1:15am

-open profiles for mobs. i wanna see their stats

-İ dont rmemeber doing istances for forcefull reps etc. make them more desirable

-option to close Gift receiveing from others or when they send gift , first i need to approve them. hard to delete them from inventory after a while

-new sitance for limited time weekly for ebttre hunting

-erifarius as mounth frome vents for lmited time to winner player of events

-profile stats should show more stats like penet and prot

-focus on new client pls. this reduces our quality

-Better Shadows. pve and pvp use of it should be increased. more slots and shadows own their own effects,potions ,pockets ,backpacks etc. i told you im alone :( having more durable companion would be nice :(

-when backpack is just 1 abole slot limit we should not be stuck in lcoation. it should just greatly increase out speed and initiative for as much as we over abckpack limit.

-there is so many lvl and color of crystals elements etc. just merge them and make our life easier. simplify plsssss

-better configuration ssytem. we should save a confi of talents , etc and chaange btween them easier

-protect the spirit of game but make it faster ... so much waste of time on long fights.

-notification on chat for important alliance/clan emmbers activity . semthing like ur clan member got attacked by ur own race at this lcoation. or ur ally attacked a magmar on blabla... Your Clan member put up a Auction request etc.

-Better clan system and diplomacy system. new content for alliances.

-make more broad of weekly/monthly personal and clan rankings for valor exp scalps etc etc on rnking list

-better map system

-better icons for carshapter elixris. its confusing. all of them are same.

-workers at estate, hunting / prof on estate, better walls and turret etc on estate

-different learnable in-fight out-of-fight skills.

-when we made exc, we shoudl be able to change price and refresh timer without canceling it and puttign again

-servers merged , we ened more mobs and better spawn rate

-mana delete worship on mobs without mana should delte their life

-new lcoaiton with pvp mobs for new reps. lets see ur dev teams Aİ capability XD

-most of positive blesses should pause when we log out , or disconnected

-new armours for debuffing enemy orange item bufss, or pets/shadows

-give penet to BC armour xD im serious

-stackable deliverance/red scroll on quickslots/backapcks

-improved clan citadel increase max number of selectable active talents

-New eternal , upgradeable personal rings/amulets for different play styles. something like we make super ring ammy improving with reps. adding will,penet supress etc whatever we want like we putting arkats on bracelet. improve it to be best-in-slot item . work ur time to have it and get benefits.

-lvl15 stun ring but 19.

-class balance pls

-who even uses deposit option on banks ? improve that content :D low interest not desirable

-you work and earn scroll that calls special npc fair on ur lcoation for an hour and it offer special items for everyone in ur race.

-enemy rumengild raid mission........ i always forget to deliver that quest and lose my next days quest.

-when i click to use food. new HUGE window opens and closes. make it smaller or dont make it.

-better and easier use of battle-backpack

-profession/or estate building to create ephemeral decks like rock fish herb decks etc.(eshu pls :) )

-more ways to spend purple life giant leixirs etc from LG. for pets shadows etc to passive growth

-estate worksop as 7th profession. new recipes . u can use wood,stone,steel from estate as crafting resources too. craft ur own arrows that has special effect like %2 mana delete, or decrease enemy turn time to 15 sec from 20 sec etc.

-more clan bosses to call and defeat for clan talents and other rewards

-when we look for Bf qeueu,we see how many number of our friedns in queue . how about seeing also anmes ?

-New content for every level. there is fortress to sieage or soemthing like chaotic battle in some lcoaitons to win over toher race. and whoever winds gets acces to special locaiton for a week. fights starts everyweek on ccertain time. 1-5 lvls enter fights on graveyard, 6-10 enters on allayas wasteland, 11-15 on kroflands 16-18 on suburbs and 19-20 on ruins. if u win that huge war with ur own race againts enemy , everyone in ur loaiton gain acces to new loaction for ur level. this means more and better hunts and resources to collect.
Everytime u lose u get huge bonus on those special fight and every time u win u get debuff to stabilize races.

-New clan/alliance and diploamcy:
To sustain new contents upkeep cost adn other thigns ur clan gonna need moeny adn for those money how about new tax system like %5 to clan bank works like pot of gold. direckly decresed from you to bank ? leader use that money for clan citadel building upkeep and other things.

Grantfort castle siege is boring and useless. how about better castles or fortresses to sieage as clan to beenfit lcoally or as alliacne to share power and money? this way alliacnes means more. to decrase same race wars you can put those castles on borders and this way u fight with enemy not same race.

-Clan(blue) , ally (green) , Non-agression(yellow) ,enemy(red) highlights on locaiton list to their names.

-stop sending gifts for declaring war. implement new interface. declare there war and u can see Clans diplomay on their info page. chat notification when a clan declares war to others in faeo.


Monday, March 18th 2024, 1:28am

01:25 TotoK » Erdal: can you write there if they can add legend glaze, legend bow, legend carcaj, legend belt, and legend pet?


Monday, March 18th 2024, 1:35am

01:35 TotoK » Mighty_Warlord: you forget to add legend banner, legend bracalet, legend weapons


Monday, March 18th 2024, 1:40am

lol would be good if the fair bows and jewels and weapons and the bracelet have an upgrade to yellow and last 30 days with better stats, to balance the pvp (the jewels could give mana, penetration or life etc like shaissars jewels lol ) or selling legend items that last 30days in fair a legend pet or so hahahahahah.......just saying


Monday, March 18th 2024, 1:41am

u guys bully ;( nobody reads anyway :p


Monday, March 18th 2024, 1:41am

Something got to give i kinda agree....we could balance out with some things suggested


Monday, March 18th 2024, 1:46am

I am MW and i approve this message


Monday, March 18th 2024, 1:50am

the fairs used to be great... it was like woahh its a fair but now its like mehhhhh nothing useful all the items they sell there need a rework lol those jewels from fair are really weaker than shaissar stuff and bow weaker than purple, everything is weaker weapons should be really stronger like giving a lot mana or good stats for each set


Monday, March 18th 2024, 2:08am

also i want say that its sad to see that add 1 deck every 2 years.... and with a lot upgrades in same deck hahahha.... we have to open card packs but all the other decks are worth 5g - 20g each rare card normal cards when they could add 30 and many more different decks, good intentions deck battle skill, durablity deck, deck arkats, deck of kroff eldive, deck of vials, deck ocean of pot gold deck of kari deck of dd, bc, hw, deck of bow etc not even need use brain for drawings of each deck .... for example bow deck just need using the drawings of each arrow and effect would give +2 arrow per fight and small stats lol


Monday, March 18th 2024, 2:11am

my boi starts to use his creative side. niceee keep it coming


Monday, March 18th 2024, 2:16am

but i can give easier option could put something at the fair to exchange the rare cards for something useful like dakthar energy because before giving rare cards for 5-20g they can eat my you know lol...


Monday, March 18th 2024, 2:21am

same with tool purple certs certificates we would exchange 3 purple tool for legend told with 30days life time and some rare items, books volumens, the tablets etc we can change them for dakthar or whatever clan pages etc something usefull in te fair i dont think is too hard add in the fair exchange some tabs for exchange items for usefull currency


Monday, March 18th 2024, 9:50am

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ inflation hit us all


Monday, March 18th 2024, 1:59pm

- get us a button to fastly put everything we have on our abckpack to store them in estate or abnk boxes automaticly. i dont like putting one by one my extra skulls,crystals etc ond ifferent boxes time tot time. lemme click one button and whatever i ahve extra autmaticly goes into boxes


Monday, March 18th 2024, 2:01pm

let us enchant/upgrade sueless grey ammy/rings drpped from hunting to green ,blue,purple etc states. this grey accessories only exist to occupy backpack slotes . hate to delete them e very time.


Tuesday, March 19th 2024, 1:21pm

Elt cube recipe for Riolite!!!

Put in Absolute Energy - get Riolite back.

I'm so tired of doing it 200 at a time because page refreshes every time you use one energy pot so have to open a building each time AGAIN to then click buy riolite AGAIN, to then click use energy to pay AGAIN, to then click confirm AGAIN to get my Riolite.

Please - add some QOL updates. I could suggest a lot more but as I'm currently trying to use up some energy pots for Riolite this is my current annoyance :wall: :lol:


Tuesday, March 19th 2024, 2:15pm

ok - so I just found out

Apparently now you can go over your energy bar!

Would have been nice to have been told about this HUGE QOL update :wall:


Tuesday, March 19th 2024, 2:32pm

14:24 You have purchased Riolite 25000 pcs. Thank you for your purchase!

:jump: that is so satisfying - wow, been wasting ages previously on conversion :lol:


Thursday, March 21st 2024, 9:07pm

:p yep