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Friday, April 28th 2023, 11:05am

Admin Feedback

Admin feedback from Discord April 2023

General issues

Q: Is it possible to create a recipe to turn the amulet Secret of the Ocean into a 1-hour version, or into a blessing for 2 uses of 1 hour each?
A: We will add a recipe with which two purple Treasured Secrets of the Ocean Amulets can be obtained by adding a red Wonderful Secrets of the Ocean Amulet + 500 quicksilver into the Elt cube.

Q: Please add Blessing for Strength and Valour to the list of effects to avoid confusion.
A: We will consider this, however there may be some challenges with it.

Q: Please allow energy potions to increase the maximum energy limit. It is troublesome to improve lands with potions only. - Please add the ability to put chests into access.
A: This is not technically possible at the moment.

Q: Please add the ability to kill multiple monsters in kennels when using doggy treats.
A: At the moment we have no plans to change how kennels work.

Q: Can you please add a filter option for the Hidden Face mask to be open to players of our choice? For example, clan, friends.
A: We will consider this in the future.

Q: Please add more filtering options on the hunting screen: to filter resources by skill level and to filter monsters.
A: Yes, we have some ideas about filtering monsters and resources in the hunt screen. We're working on it.

Q: Can you include the ability for pairs to trade items through shared bank boxes, with the ability to transfer non-transferable items?
A: There are rules and a limit to transferring items to another player. If we make an exception for married couples - imagine how many fake married couples there would be in the game just to allow this exchange.

Q: Is it possible to bind hotkeys to the keys of choice? Also, is it possible to create hotkeys for bows?
A: We have plans to implement hotkeys for bows. Stay tuned.

Q: Why is it not possible to sell items like new name certificates in the auction/exchange?
A: Because it is a personalised service.

Q: When will the HTML5 client be released?
A: We are working on it. Unfortunately, it takes a long time to implement certain ideas.

Q: Can you add HTML5 features to the client, such as visibility of all belt locations, auto-pass, etc.?
A: No, these are features of the HTML version. These features will not work on the Flash client.

Q: Allow sending links to past battlegrounds to in-game chat.
A: This is now possible to do.

Q: Can you allow destruction scrolls to be used on quivers?
A: What type of items would you like to receive when destroying quivers? Crystals? Let's think about it.

Q: Please allow players to choose the appearance of upgraded pets (some pets look better without appearance).
A: This is technically not possible.


Q: It is impossible to complete the vision interpreters red medal due to lack of battlefields. Can you try to rework the quest to make this possible to complete?
A: We are already considering options for this issue.

Q: Can the reward pool of luck glow be updated to be more relevant?
A: There are plans to add more rewards to the event.

Q: Can the reward pool of precious chests be updated to be more relevant? Superprizes hold very low value now.
A: There was a global update for chests recently, with the addition of legendary items. It is too early to add new superprizes.

Q: Please allow us to turn rare cards into card essences, e.g. 5-10 per rare card, depending on luck. This would give older cards a higher value and decrease the price of card essences, which have limited availability.
A: This is very hard to implement at the moment.

Player vs. Player

Q: Can you try to make changes to revive meridian vaults? Also, will we have another merge of worlds event with the RU servers?
A: We are preparing an update for the Storm in Meridian Vaults. Inter-server battlefields with RU servers are not possible at the moment due to reasons beyond our control.

Q: Battlefields often suffer because of overblessers and stallers. Can you make events such as the storm in the arena to limit blessings on players?
A: Not so long ago we launched a storm in the arena with a limited number of combat effects. There are no similar events in development at the moment.

Q: Due to infinite stalling on the Plateau of Silence storms, can the hit timer be reduced to 10 seconds?
A: Technically not possible.

Q: Can we try to revive battlefields by adding a pool of gold to be distributed by winners/losers?
A: We don't plan to implement such mechanics on battlefields permanently or temporarily.

Q: Battlefields starting with fewer participants give a huge advantage to the opposing team, for example in Caves 386. Can something be done to balance this?
A: Let's think about how this can be fixed.

You are welcome to discuss here!
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Thursday, May 18th 2023, 8:27pm

Admin feedback from Discord May 2023

Player vs Player
Q: Plateau of Silence, Year 134: Players from the DE server are transferred into the battlefield with a delay (typically 2 minutes). This reduces the time they have available to farm with the “Battle Preparation” effect. Can this be fixed to make it fair?
A: There are no quick methods or solutions at the moment. Unfortunately, it is the case that one server loads a bit faster than the other.

Q: Elite Patrol Guards: Human raiders have an advantage when raiding to the enemy capital as the effect Guards attention does not trigger in Village Angriyar, while it does for Magmars in Village of Kingla. Can this be balanced so it is the same for both races?
A: It should work in both villages.The number of guards per location was different and has been levelled now.

Q: Please bring back notification sound when you receive confirmation for participation in a battlefield.
A: We haven't made changes to this. It is likely to be a local issue.

Q: Please can you add permanent non-break in chaotics and abyss/sky, as this would encourage more people to take part in both.
A: This is a game where equipment needs to break and be repairable.

Q: Can we have a “mercy” voting system to surrender a battlefield? If as a team we realise there is no chance to win (whether overpowered or outnumbered), it would be nice to not suffer until the enemy decides to close the battlefield.
A: This is unlikely to happen. This goes against the concept of the "war game". Everyone would always surrender.

Q: In the past, there were emoticons such as a “Yes” emoticon and a “Shrug” emoticon. Can we have an option to use them again?
A: We will think about it and consider bringing them back into the game.

Q: Could we receive notifications for expiry of items such as good and evil intention elixirs?
A: There is a new tab in backpacks which displays this information.

Q: Can you add an option to exchange extra Gromdrag mount parts from reward chests to other items or Gromdrag food?
A: We will not add this at the moment. Note: the gromdrag amulet can be specially collected 2 or more times and the amulet itself can be dismantled into various parts. Which in turn are valuable and needed for other quests.

Q: Please allow to also combine complementary elixirs in the elt cube.
A: For now we will not add the option to upgrade complementary elixirs.

Q: A promotion in the past enabled a permanent double horseshoes option when opening Ten-Folded Chests and Gilded Chests for some players. Can this option be available for all players to add some balancing?
A: Is this about the promotion where you could get extra horseshoes when opening chests? The option will not be available to all players on a permanent basis. However, it may appear in the form of promotions.

Q: Are there any plans to upgrade mounts further than level 16? In particular, cerradors, dzerugs and scorpolions.
A: No.

Q: Can you add an option to change labyrinth codex’s and protective gift into 1 hour blesses rather than 2 hour blesses.
A: Not in the near future.

Q: Will we have resins to turn red armour 99/1into a non-breakable version?
A: We will explore this further.

Q: Often, regardless of the selected language in our user interface, our combat interface turns into a foreign language when in combat. Can this be fixed?
A: This cannot be answered at the moment.

Q: Can you consider updates to fish for level 11+? For example, replenishing mana or some combat status effects.
A: There are no plans for that at the moment.

Q: Are there any plans for varnishes for bows, mounts ,amulets and rings?
A: No, not at this time.

Q: We all use transformation elixirs to reset animation times. Can we have an option to hide transformation elixirs for ourselves, but have it so the enemy sees the transformation potion? Also, are there plans to add more transformation elixirs?
A: This is not an area where we will explore further at the moment.

Q: Are there any plans to upgrade estates further?
A: Perhaps in the distant future.

Q: Can the duration of ephemeral wild growth folios be extended to more than 1 day? We receive them as rewards but often cannot use them due to the 1 use/day limitation, so the item just times out.
A: Yes, this was done today on RU and will come a little later on UTC as well.

Q: Would it be possible to add the option to close an instance early if you are finished with it?
A: For a faster cool-down? The idea is interesting, we might consider it at a later stage.
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Monday, July 17th 2023, 12:15pm

Admin feedback from Discord July 2023

Player vs Player
Q: Can the victor’s path quest (weekly quest for unity token) work with CC 386 as well?
A: No. It is intended to have such restrictions on battlefields of the past.

Q: Can you make the queue for arena hidden during events so that players do not try to avoid others?
A: We will think about this.

Q:Are there any plans to rework legendary red armour or to balance the fighting styles more? At higher levels, fights are often very long. This could be reduced by special status glaze etc. (dodger glaze having a chance of inflicting poison on each hit etc).
A: In general, we have plans for red armour in the future.

Q: Can you decrease the stall time for mobs to hit back when hunting?
A: This is not a global setting. Each mob has a different behaviour. Yes, some do stall.

Q: Can you use images in the news for fairs for items that are available? Often displayed items are not available.
A: We will consider this.

Q: Will complementary extracts be available at level 19 like the normal versions? /
A: Yes, this will be done.

Can you increase the spawn rate of monsters?
A: No.

Why are progress bars in fairs reset each time? The total is quite high for lower levels to build up.
A: In order to get a valuable gift for a scale as part of the promotion, players would have to fill that scale from scratch, instead of leaving it at 99/100 and just waiting.

Can we have additional features for premium? For example, more effect sets.
A: There will be new features for premium in the future.

Can we have an option to receive pet essences when using the hunt option in kennels?
A: Probably not.

: Please can you make an option to upgrade energy elixirs further? Maybe to 200-300 energy at once.
A: We will consider this.

Will we see new reputation rewards with so many new reputations?
A: Yes.

Will there be more options to use rare emoticon certificates? Once you have purchased all the possible emotes, they have no use.
A: There may be more options in the future.

Can older reputations be reworked to provide more benefits? For example, quests need more quicksilver, so can juggernaut reputation give more quicksilver per resource?
A: No, quicksilver is already plentiful in players' backpacks. It's also sold for gold at resource fairs.

Will the game be expanded further than level 20?
A: There will be no level 21.

Can you add an elt cube recipe to combine pet experience elixirs?…ct_id=948020572
A: Yes.

Invisibility now shows your location as you move. Previously this did not update in realtime. Can it be reversed?
A: We will explore this further.

Will there be a male-exclusive mount like the female-exclusive Anlagrissa?
A: This is unlikely.

Q: Can magic wand be updated for level 16+ players so that they receive 16+ elder blessing?
A: Possibly in the future.

Q: Is there an option to ban or limit kretch defender or feigned ruse elixirs, or to update it so that it still counts as a scalp for the player with most damage?
A: We won't be reworking kretch defenders anytime soon.

Q: Is there any consideration to expand the location by 1-2 places or simply to let more fire flowers spawn at the location?
A: No. Each resource has its own chance and spawning cooldown. That's what makes a rare resource rare.

Q: Is it possible to allow us to choose the transformation elixir when using invisibility? It is typically slower than normal metamorphosis elixirs.
A: In the future, yes.

Q: Can there be an option to downgrade clan talent treatise? If there is a misclick it can be very costly, so would be nice to be able to undo this.
A: Downgrade a strong book into weaker versions? Yes in the future.

Q: In the "Land of Oblivion", could more level 14 Kroffdors be inserted because the few that run around in it are too few and time is lost waiting for another one to appear?
A: We won't change it.
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Tuesday, September 5th 2023, 3:47pm

Feedback and Questions UTC July/August 2023

Player vs Player

Q: Will there be an option to gain achievements from past battlefields?
A: In the future maybe, at the moment there are no plans for this.

Q: Can you make a scroll to transfer perfect bezels, similar to the rune transfer scrolls?
A: It is possible that we will do this in the future, but there are no such plans for now.

Q: Are you considering any actions regarding race transfer? The races are quite imbalanced now.
A: We need more time to study the situation and find a suitable solution for everyone.

Q: Elt cube: can we have the option to make amulet of attack by adding amulets of call from the city shop? Possibly something like 5 amulets of call = 5 attack amulets
A: So far, that is not planned.

Q: Can you remove the 30d lifespan from dark elixirs of life as all of the dark elixirs expire on August 1st regardless. The other dark elixirs don't have a lifespan. (…ct_id=977483158)
A: We will look into it.

Q: Can you reduce the timer for opening treasure hunter reputation chests?
A: We will think about that suggestion.

Q: Can we have an event calendar, similar to that on the Russian server?
A: We are trying to launch events in parallel and plan to continue to do so, so in the meantime you can use the Russian event calendar. However, some content is released on the UTC server with a slight delay and cannot be launched simultaneously.

Q: Can we have a new option for filtering in the auction house: filter by clan/alliance members.
A: At the moment there are no changes planned for the auction.

Q: Will there be an option to purchase these items again? We will think about it.

Q: Will there be an option to upgrade the “Might Deck” so that it can be used multiple times a week, or even gives a longer blessing?
A: We won’t exclude this as a possibility, but for now this is not planned.

Q: Can we have an option to reduce the time to collect resources? Maybe as a rule, elixir or settings.
A: At the moment, the resource collection process seems to be balanced, but we will definitely look into the situation and consider whether we need to change anything.

Q: Can all items related to bracers be named bracers rather than gauntlets so that it is consistent?
A: Please send these reports to Technical Support and if it is valid, we will make the necessary corrections.

Q: Can you make a change so that it is not possible to cast negatives while invisible?
A:This is not planned.

Q: The game still responds in languages which are not selected under UI options. Can this be fixed?
A: It should be understood that each player receives system messages in the language that is selected under UI options. This cannot be fixed at the moment due to technical limitations. However, some UI issues are fixable, but they need to be fixed on a point-by-point basis, so we would appreciate it if you could send detailed reports to Technical Support.

Q: Can you add an option to make upgrading runes/bezels less tedious. For example: select the armour piece and the amount of elements to be used.
A: First we need to study the technical limitations, and if there are none, we will think about implementation.

Q: Please fix the daily 02:00 lag.
A: At the moment, our volunteer team is compiling all the information into a single document. If you have anything to report, pass the information on to them.
We will continue to monitor the situation on the server on a daily basis and if we notice problems on our side, we will take actions as soon as possible.

Q: Can pots if gold be made freezable/remove lifespan?
A: No such changes are planned at the moment.

Q: Please fix the Game Client. The load times on client are significantly slower in comparison to browser. Alternatively, please allow the client functions to be used on browsers.
A: We can't give any information yet about when the updated client will be available, but we are currently working on this.

Q: Please remove the Interserver option for battlefields as it isn't needed anymore and just splits the players up.
A: As far as we know, this has already been fixed. If it is something else, please write a detailed report to Technical Support, we will try to solve this problem fast.
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Tuesday, October 24th 2023, 9:33pm

Feedback and Questions UTC October 2023

Player vs Player
Q: Can you balance the eternity guard incarnation? Having your durability and damage reduced for 50 moves is overpowered, especially since it can stack.
A: We will study the situation, think about it.

Q: During the week (Mon-Thurs), PvP only occurs in past caves and chaotics. It is tiring to wait for the weekend, especially when there is an event which does not get a lot of participation. Can you make more/better ways to encourage PvP participation?
A: Let's think about how to get players interested in PvP. If you have any ideas for this, please feel free to suggest.

Q: Can you add Crystallized Ash for sale in trade fair?
A: We have no plans to do so at this time.

Q: Please expand the collection of improved decks. Examples: god decks and battlefields deck.
A: Let's think about it

Q: Can you add the option to to reroll/just throw away collection pieces from the Lucky Figurines collection. For many players, getting a statue e.g. mirror magic (if it's the last one missing) is unbearable and we would prefer to start collecting statues even from scratch.
A: Let's think about how we can improve this

Q: Can you create an orange tool that works like red tools but can be used by each profession and can be made by combining all 3 different red tools in the elt cube.
A: There are some options on how this could be implemented. Let's think about it.

Q: Can you make herbologist/geologist/fisherman tokens tradeable 1:1.
A: There are no plans to do so.

Q: Can you bring back custom avatars and emote back in the premium services shop?
A: Not planned at the moment due to technical reasons

Q: Since most of the fragments from the blessed blue sacks are green/blue, create a recipe for elt cube so that when combining several of the same type you obtain a higher level fragment. This already happens with other types of fragments and in this way the innumerable fragments that are useless would be put to use.
A: Let's think about it.

Q:…&threadID=37629 Will there be an android / iOS App for UTC. The Russian server has a mobile client, you could translate it into English and make it available to us.
A: Stay tuned for official announcements.
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Tuesday, November 28th 2023, 6:46pm

Feedback and Questions UTC November 2023

Player vs Player

Q: Can you change the functionality of Enhanced Visibility Device / Visibility Device so that it can be used both in and out of fight?
A: Okay, we don't see a problem in changing that. We'll do it.

Q: Can the battle server be migrated to COM rather than DE?
A: Yes, in the near future by the end of the year along with a client patch.


Q: When the time changes due to Daylight Saving, can you readjust timers for passes, events, mob reset etc.
A: Technically difficult to implement due to the fact that the server settings have to be constantly changed (when switching back and forth) and unforeseen problems may arise. But we will think about this possibility.

Q: Can you make chaos particles tradeable?
A: No. But we have plans for 2024 to reanimate this content at 16+ level.

Q: Can you add an option to put 100x Gnome Runes into Elt cube so that we can open them with just 1 fight?
A: No, but in 2024 we will think about how to simplify this procedure.

Q: Can you make changes to Elite guards so that they only interfere when attacking more than 3 levels out of your level. As an example, an Elite Guard would be spawned when a level 20 attacks level 17, but not level 18.
A: We'll look at the stats and think about it.

Q: Can you add the option to exchange the upgraded mount amulets for horseshoes?
A: This isn't planned.

Q: Can you make a new rare item as drop from mirror event/chest - pots of gold which can be used 1 time daily with a bonus of 5-10% gold and has unlimited usage.
A: We have new decks and new rares in the near future, we won't announce before time =)

Q: Can you add an option to allow certain friends of your choice to look over your hidden face mask?
A: Not a bad idea. Let us clarify the technical possibilities for achieving this.

Q: Given the change to the availability of pots of gold, can you change it so that they can be frozen?
A: We have plans to add them to new game events but we will explore the possibility of freezing them in the estate.

Q: Can you change bandit so that 3, 4 and 5 dragon symbols give supergames alongside free games? A guaranteed win is much better.
A: We're planning on making changes to the Bandit in 2024.

Q: Can you refresh/prolong the duration of item lifespan when there are long-term technical issues?
A: We will now focus our efforts on eliminating the possibility of lags.

Q: Can you change curses of silence so that they can only be used while in the same location as the target?
A: Then the player will 99% know who used the scroll. We'll look into the situation.

Q: Can you add an additional filter to purchase items on exchange with a "minimum life span"?
A: At the moment we don't consider the problem to be a priority, we are currently trying to fix more pressing issues that players are facing, but we'll take it under consideration.

Q: Are there any plans to reopen the connection between human and magland in the eldive and kroffdor areas. It was possible to pass with 2000 rep kroff/eld, but the passage had been blocked on some years ago.
A: There are no such plans yet.
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Wednesday, May 29th 2024, 6:57pm

Feedback und Fragen UTC May 24

Q: Can Arena battlefield be made permanently 1vs1. If needed, there could be an entry cost, however 2vs2 is not realistic for our server.
A: We have launched 1vs1 Arena as the normal condition on a trial basis. In the future, we might sometimes include the option for 2vs2 Arenas again.

Do you plan to add the "Dwarium" client to the European server?
A: Yes. We are actively developing the new client. We are currently at the stage of finding and fixing errors. We plan to release the beta version next week.

Q: Are you planning to increase the money dropped from "Mystras" monsters?
A: We do not plan to increase the amount of gold dropped but we plan to create new things that will increase their drop, as well as continue the development of mobs.

Q: Do you plan to add "Mystas" monsters to the bestiary section?
A: Yes, we will slowly update our bestiary.

Q: Since level 20 is the end of the game and many players have reached level 19-20, they also have problems hunting monsters. Are you planning to add new regions like "Mystras"?
A: Yes, we are planning a continuation of Mystras as well as new unique locations by the end of this/beginning of next year.

Q: Convert daily mob cap to weekly mob cap. People won't be making more money on mobs, but they will be able to play more flexibly?
A: No, we don't plan to, but we will introduce artefacts that increase/reset the daily limit. We will also rework the kennel building in the estate. It will be more profitable and beneficial to users.

Q: Is it possible to write a support ticket every month after improving talents to clear the leader’s debt to the clan with screenshots of purchasing resources/screenshots of upgrades?
A: Unfortunately, at this time the answer is no. It is a resource intensive process and we cannot currently commit to that. Only critical requests will be possible to resolve via Technical Support.

Q: Arena badges are no longer relevant. Can you make some kind of store for them?
A: Yes, that's a good idea. We need to think about a new chain of things.

Q: Can you add a recipe to the Elt Cube, for combining 2 speed elixirs into a 1 hour version?
A: Yes, we can do with the addition of 3 small ingredients.

Q: Can you reset the Cloister of visions instance at midnight or when the server restarts?
A: Once per 24 hours is an appropriate limit for the instance to prevent consecutive visits. We are not planning to make any changes to this.

Q: Can you bring back…ikul_id=1004644Small Bags with Chaos Particles as a fair bonus? Now it is unnecessarily difficult to gather enough chaos particles for amulets and rings. Or can you add other methods to make it more manageable?
A: Ok. Also in the future, we plan to rework associated events with an update.

Q: Can you add an option to reinforce red armour or make it unbreakable so that we don’t have to build a new item completely when the item strength is low? An option could be to add a new armour piece to the elt cube with your existing item to renew its strength.
A: We plan to redesign in one of the following ways:
  1. Renew item strength when increasing armour tempering, so when X tempering is reached, the strength will be renewed.
  2. Make resins for them for a new reputation.
  3. We are also considering your suggestion.

Q: Can you add a new category for structure teams (Guardians, Mentors, Heralds, Jesters, etc.) so that players can find the necessary people without searching for them?
A: The idea is good, but we first want to reduce the number and merge some structures.

Q: Can you remove the vial of iron from the spring chests?
A: Yes, okay.

Q: Could you remove them from the battlefield tab? Confrontation Arena, Romantic Path, Circle of Power.
A: Yes, okay. We will do it soon.

Q: Can you increase the amount of sleeping warriors and extend the lifespan of the nightmare elixirs? Also, it would be good to have a quest where you have to kill a certain amount of sleeping warriors (corresponding to your level) to get a bigger nightmare elixir which will give %10 more gold buff (60 min duration).
A: We'll think about reworking the content.

Q: Can you allow the use of macros, especially for drinking elixirs on the first turn of the fight?
A: No, we try to make sure all the players are on the same page.

Can you increase the number of mobs for 19+ lvl?
A: Need an exact list of mobs that you suggest to increase (excluding Scopolions). Changes to unique mobs are not planned.

Can you make battlefield queues completely randomised?
A: We are planning to introduce new battlefields this year with no race-based requirements.

Can you increase the lifespan of the Gizedor doll and its parts? Currently it is only 1 day for the doll and 2 for the parts.
A: We can do it.

Can you edit anniversary coins so that they can be upgraded in tiers? E.g. Bronze coins (1005138) can be converted into silver coins (1005139)?
A: The main idea of anniversary coins is collecting their denominations. We can make activation through the elt cube of several coins at once.

Can we have additional customization to style armour/armour? E.g. to paint them
A: At the moment, that is not an option. In the future, we'll see.

Given that most blessings these days have a 1 hour duration, can pot of gold (1004003) be split into 4 uses of 1 hour each rather than 1 use of 4 hours?
A: This is a major rebalancing of an item that changes its final value. So far, there are no plans to rebalance the pot of gold.

There is an error when using Lingorants Metamorphosis Elixir (8592) where you cannot see your character animation. Can this be fixed?
A: We will do our best to find and solve the problem.

Can you allow level 5 players to deliver Caustic Necrosphodel (1999) for reputation?.
A: The system works as intended. Currently we will not make any changes.

Can you add Purity of Inexperience Jewellery sets (38268) to trade/festive fairs?
A: Yes, we plan to add in one of the holiday fairs.

In November 2021 (approx) the spawn rate of Vagrant Nephertos (18) was significantly reduced. We have been told previously that nothing changed but some patch was definitely applied. If nothing did change, can you please review the situation as it makes hunting very uncomfortable for players between level 16-19.
A: It was already solved in the previous patch.

Are there plans to add new clan talents? The current version is not friendly towards non-mages who cannot use magic. Therefore, it would be useful to have more talents for lower level players. Also, can the experience talent be changed to give an option to reduce experience as well?
A: Yes, we are planning to expand the talent chain.

Can you change emoticons so that their text is in English rather than Russian?
A: We plan to assess the situation, make a list and build a plan. For now, we are in the process of actively creating new content.

Can you stop targeting paygamers and make the game more accessible to the average player?
A: We try to make the game fun for all categories of players. Our goal is to make the game as comfortable as possible, regardless of whether you are a paying player or not.
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