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Monday, August 2nd 2021, 6:16am

Hey all! Here are my submissions for the circus locations :D

Clan Burial Grounds is just one step away from the Square of Fire, so once everyone has finished their business in the fair and the various shops, why not stop by the circus? It's a popular spot for low and high levels alike and everyone can have fun seeing familiar monsters doing fun tricks!

Settlement Angrukhon is a little further away from the city but with tons of estates nearby, Magmars will have no problem travelling to the circus and will be even more excited to see the circus after waiting! Plus, our lovely Maritsa is sure to bring in extra visitors with her beauty and fortune telling abilities, making it the perfect spot for fun carnival activities.


Monday, August 2nd 2021, 12:22pm

1st place I have picked is insanity moor, why? Because this place doesn't remember its glory.
Almos noone goes that way anymore. Perhaps thanks to circus warriors will remind them about that place and its old glory :)

Secound place is terror wharf, why? Because it is the best located place in feo. Close to the sea, it is literally harbor, so all warriors can easily get there by their ships.


Tuesday, August 3rd 2021, 7:46am

My first choice is Square of Fire. This is because it is between the city square and city fair and also has access to the cave of war mages. This means that people coming to the city do not need to go far to see the circus, and they can also go to the city fair if they wish too, without places being too crowded. Access to the cave of war mages means that it's close to portals for easy access too.

Second choice is County Vurdaliya, because the harbor has a lot of traffic and trade coming and going, so people can stop by for some entertainment. There is a pub also present, which is a bonus to the circus. Maybe if Humans come over and see a circus they will come for entertainment instead of scalps.
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Tuesday, August 3rd 2021, 2:45pm

Hello my friend,
I can suggest you a pair of perfect locations where you can settle with your family, your animals and where you can set up your circus tent.

The first location that i suggest you is Smoky Knolls.
A few steps from the main Square but away from the confusion which generally characterizes the City center (in your relaxing moments the peace for you and your animals is assured).
Here there's a dirt ground that will be perfect for the cure of your animals and for your trainings.
In addition, being a very frequented place, surely, the spectators will not miss your shows!!!

The second location that i suggest you is Sly Cove.
It's a quite central place and its strong point is the position: a few steps from the central Square, but easy to reach from the port and the most remote areas of our lands.
Everyone will come too see your shows!!!
There's an ample space to settle down and moreover there's everything you need for your animals: a small pond to make them drink and fresh grass to feed them.

Listen to my advice and it will be a success!!!!!!

Lady ;)

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Tuesday, August 3rd 2021, 6:31pm

The first location chosen for the event is Clan Burial Ground, because in this place Circus can enjoy the atmosphere and the magnificent effects given by the location, offering the best event ever in Faeo. Koeshu the Occultist can also give his support for the preparation of the event.

The second location chosen is Village of Maettro. This place has got the ideal climate to accommodate animals and all the space needed to organize a great show. Brughilda is very excited about the event: she's praying for a number in the show with his strange objects!
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Wednesday, August 4th 2021, 8:21am

my 1 location is undoubtedly the ancient mountains where its views and its people will make you feel at home come and enjoy

hello my second choice is
the terror wharf an idyllic and forgotten place to enjoy where its vast vegetation and markets will delight everyone


Wednesday, August 4th 2021, 12:58pm

Valley of Fire is certainly the best place to organize the circus show:
its great position will allow a large turnout of people for the show!

The second place I choose is Mentaliya Foothills. His river is the best
place for animals! In addition Vylis the fisherman can offer food for them and
Orfin with his experience can give his contribute taming and supervising them.
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Wednesday, August 4th 2021, 7:17pm

best location for circus

for a circus you need a flat lands. and sleepy valley has a biggest flat lands. so it would be waste of this lands if you wouldnt put a circus here

image link:


Thursday, August 5th 2021, 10:58pm

The first location would definitely be Square of Fire because it is close to the center of Faeo Map and is close to the city fair.
All passing players will definitely stop here to admire the animals and other acrobatics.
Let's not forget this location is among the first we see when we start the game and we offer new players an experience they will not forget.
And let's face it, Square of Fire looks very well prepared for a circus. It offers a lot of space where anyone can easily carry out their activity. :thumbsup:


Image link:

The second location where the circus could be located, would certainly be in County Vurdaliya because it is very close to the sea, being the place where sharks and dolphins can carry out their activity.
As we all know, in County Vurdaliya is also a tavern and all the players who will come to join the shows, will be able to enjoy a beer or other activitys.
Also, this location would be very good for the organizer because the boat is very close to him and he does not have to travel long distances to other locations.
Let's not forget that it is also close to Human Land and the players there can join very easily. And so they frequent our city very often, hopefully this time, it will not end with injury. :lol:


Image link:


Friday, August 6th 2021, 12:02pm

In my opinion Virigiya District and Azure Lagoon are the 2 places most candidates to host this event but remember ladies and gentlemen the circus is a world as fascinating as it is dark, we talk about it a lot even if we don't know anything about .

These are the notes of the mysterious traveler who wrote in his diary:


Friday, August 6th 2021, 3:35pm

Circus is coming to town

Colourfully dressed man stepped down from his boat and run to the elder , start hugging him and say:

Colourfully dressed man - Ahh my old friend , good to see you !

Elder- Nice to see you as well my friend , what brings you to Faeo ?

Colourfully dressed man - Well , this is my last stop , I've been all the world with my circus and i want to show Faeo my wonderful show with animals and clowns . But I need your help , please help me to find two different places where I can put my equipment and please also advice why .

Elder - I'm a bit too old for this things now my friend , but my warrior here can help you find this places you are looking for . I trust him with all my heart .

Warrior - Yes ! I can help you , and if you don t mind please follow me , I already got a place in my mind .

We depart from the harbour , and our first stop : Plato of Silence

Warrior - We arrived … so this is Plato of Silence !
Elder - Hmmm , I hope you know what you are you doing .
Colourfully dressed man - What is this ? Please explain yourself. What are this ruins … and this place looks like hell and what is this smell . UHH !!

The brave warrior stepped up and explain himself :

Warrior - Well . Let me explain . On this place our race is fighting with the other race called magmars . We are at war all time... so imagine yourself a tent in the middle of those two ruins over there , with your tamed animals . Your show here can bring peace for a while , if our elder speak with the magmar elder .War will stop and both races can drop their weapons and start visiting your show , that will bring you even more profit !

Elder - Hmm , sounds interesting . And yes ! I can arrange things with magmar capital , no problem .

Colourfully dressed man - Yes ! You got my attention now warrior , this requires a lot of work but is not impossible. If we manage this, definitely I will have a lot of people coming to my show . Now , please show me the second place.

Warrior - Sure ! I also got the second place for you , not a problem . Here jump on my spare mounts , we got a long way to walk to the second place .

And we walk for hours till we finally arrived to the second place I chose , witch is : Gryphon Crossing

Warrior - Well this is the second place I chose for your circus . It's called Gryphon Crossing and as you can observe is next to our castle . This castle got high and tick walls and a large field for the tent and equipment , bear is mind as I said before … we live hard times , war times and our lands are infected with magmars at every corner . so this will be a strategic place to put your tent and equipment's . In case of any magmar attack , guests can flee quick into the castle where no magmar can go . That way will be no casualties and will more safer for the guests . Here you can have the second show . A funny show this time for humans only , with clowns doing funny tricks and jumps . Definitely will be a win - win situation for the guests and for you .

Elder - Warrior , I'm glad that I chose you . Your mind is brilliant , I like your idea !!

Colourfully dressed man - So be it ! I like your ideas and consider it done . Thanks for your help !! And now … let me bring the circus to Faeo !!

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