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Monday, May 29th 2023, 11:51am

Guide for low levels ((levels 2-4)

Hey guys and welcome to Feao. :hi:

This game is not like any game you have ever played so chuck what you think you know out of the window!

I am going to tell you here what I tell the players who join Fightclub, so buckle up and get ready to take notes or bookmark this guide :wink:

Ok so first off as soon as you can get to city to Elder Verkiry STOP doing quests! From now on any quest MUST give you reputation or access to something you need for it to be worth doing at this level.

At level 2 it is a great time to explore the enemy continent as you are super fast when you have the starting buff. :woody: It lasts 7 days so get exploring. You will get attacked a lot, dont worry but if you can die to mounts or guards to avoid the enemy getting your scalp and getting stronger blesses (more about that later), but don't worry too much.

You can also start do daily events to earn some really useful items and silver. You can bookmark these events to get an ingame reminder by clicking on the button at the top with a blue background and yellow flag. Then on the right there is a column called Monitor. If you click the circle it will turn green and be in your list of events. You will also get prompts for that event.

Are you ready for the daily event list?
Here goes:
Holes in Shadow Country - Clan Burial Grounds - first part only. Kill as many Burrowing Kretches as possible in 1 hour to increase your victories and also for events drops and regular drops.

Dangerous Guests - County Vurdaliya - third part only. PIck as many bags as possible in 30 minutes. Efrils, silver, papers, etc.

Capture the Contraband - Barrow of Death - second part only. Collect 5 chests. Efrils, silver, papers, etc.

The Provocateurs voice - City Square - second part only. Pick leaflets. Increase Dartrong influence for City key which gives 50 city rep.

Graveyard lights - Place of Sorrow - 1 part only. Pick 5 lights, die if phantom. Efrils, papers, fossils, etc,

Uborg's Wrath - Eclipse Thicket - first part only. Collect tentacles, sell for silver (or exchange with Brughilde for QS).

Magic of the Stone - Wyvern crossing - first part only. Collect granite, but watch out for Gargoyles! :noo: Efrils, silver etc. (suggested for level 4s)

Green Pirates - Ship - first part only. Collect tentacles as for Uborg.
God with a Poisonous Stinger - second stage only. Influence here will get you gnome coins which are needed for dwarf rep. So do it till you have 1000. (suggested for level 4s)

Don't forget to visit Plateau stash once a day! This is found by going to the Plateau of silence and clicking the ruined buildings just left of centre.

These events if done daily through to level 4 will give you a great start with city reputation, secret knowledge and lots of useful resources that you will need or can sell. Pile of papers, take these to Pandrik the Wiseman in Faytir for secret knowledge, this will become more important later in the game and takes ages to accumulate.

You have to have a good rep!

Reputation is really important in this game. It opens up many items, blesses and access to other cool stuff that you just cant get easily any other way. So get used to paying attention to which reputations you can work on at each level.

At level 2 you can work on relic seekers reputation as a priority relic seekers . Any spare silver can buy you fossils, start with the green ones as they will be cheaper now. Hand them over to Menachem in Valley of fire. You want to be able to unlock and buy the efril replicator as soon as possible as this will help you with city rep!

For city rep hand in efrils in lots of 100 to get the bonus points :D city :king:

Hunters of fortune rep is another one you can start working on now HoF . Get some marvellous glass and start gambling (this is the only time I will say that!) Play duel and for me I passed whenever 12 or more. I am not lucky! It is basically blackjack. Hand in glasses when you have over 1000 but always keep a slush of 500. My top tips, and maybe you will find a better method ;)

Once you hit level 3 you can start on juggernauts rep juggs . Complete the quest Hunting the Hunter which starts with Warlord Gidver in the Dartrong arena to get a book which teaches you how to harvest the talons from the Wolfers that attack the city daily! This is a tricky event so try to group and make sure you have a galmakhar summon for each wolf and a couple of poison zorbs. Unless you are killing on a drain.

You can also start on Undead hunters rep undead :ghost: . Again try to find a group for this with some level 4s who will do most of the killing for you. You will need to open derelict house by taking a quest with Shiko the paladin in Tomb of Kings. You do not need to finish this quest but you do need to start it. Derelict house does not give to much exp so don't worry too much especially if you are grouped.

Most importantly at level 3 you need to start your Underground Knights reputation UK . You have a series of quests to complete in the Crystalline caves to open the rep fully and allow you to get your badges. This is now the world of pvp! Caves is a really fun battlefield or a really frustrating one! There are some really strong players out there and it can feel like a massacre. Communication is critical and listening to other players will help you a lot and mean that they are more likely to help you. For your first quest you need to mine 30 green crystals. Don't worry too much about your gear for this first quest. You need speed and bag space more than anything. Let the team know what you need and go see what it is all about. :mine:

Level 4 introduces mercenary reputation Mercs . You will want to power through this as quickly as possible. You can either wait 3 days between quests for free or pay 1g to have a new quest immediately. I saved to have the golds ready to rush it and buy the poison upgrade for my mount, 79 gold total (riding skill, mount amulet, poison scroll and quest rush). Having a mount :horse: will allow you to do naked hunting. More about that later.
Of course you are....and I am the Queen Of Sheba.

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Monday, May 29th 2023, 11:57am

What to do for a living
Professions are very important from level 3 and definitely your best income stream consistently :money: Proffs . Low level resources are often needed for events and higher levels need large amounts for reputations. So choose one and pick like mad. You can read more about professions here. Which ever you pick get a stock up and try to secure orders with players that need large amounts. The price on exchange is usually low but it can help you to get started. You can buy a purple tool for 2-3g on exchange this will increase your productivity so do it as soon as possible. You need this cert Working tool certificate .

Once you are level 4 you can also naked hunt using your mount :horse: to kill for you. Most people do this with injuries to die faster. For me this is not really lucrative and only worth doing if you are also working for symbols to get purple armour. Again more about that later! Play with it and see how your luck is. ;)

I have nothing to wear!

You will want to get purple armour as soon as possible. A lot of the guys skip green and blue and go straight for purple. I know I did. You can get purple armour at level 3 by taking part in the Trading event IOU event read this and prepare. This is probabaly THE MOST IMPORTANT EVENT for level 3-4. You want to get as many IOUs as possible for armour and dawn luck charms. Don't worry about anything else that you can get until you have all the armour for your level and all the dawns.

You can also buy armour for diamonds.

Here are all the ways to get purple armourPurple armour :knight:

Seasons come and go

These events are also really important for low levels both for items that cannot be obtained any other way and also as an income source. Read the events carefully and be sure to gather enough tokens for these items in particular:

Offering to the Crimson Roc – usable after first purchase. Buy every month to make stronger.

Monkey statue – use every day for 14 days for drops and after 3 months get perm pet. At 6, 9 and 12 months the pet will upgrade.

Season card – build the deck over 12 months to get extra tokens and daily bless. You can also buy cards sometimes in Exchange mostly for 50s. Get the deck as soon as possible.

Tuver part – as the Monkey statue but only 7 days use.

Sacred acorn – buy every month to build a great amulet that helps to reset instances and more.

Level 4 + only – Arhas summon – use for 14 days. After a year you have perm mount. One of the most used mounts in game.

Kretch defender amulets – Great for stopping the enemy from taking your scalp and killing high level stuff..

Cerberus parts – you will have to save these until harcide event or level 4 but good to start collecting. Enables you to take on a cerberus form in battles. Limited use time and frequency.

Banner and hat – if you have the extra and check which is better for that month.

There are also other items available depending on the month, but those items are vital as you will not be able to get them again for a year!

Seasons rewards :gift:

Dragon blless

Scalping the enemy is fun and makes you stronger! Hand in the scalps that you get when you kill a hooman to the dragon one at a time and regularly. On the 23rd of every month you can get dragon bless amulets that will help you in battle. Read about it here…p?obj=cat&id=85 At level 4 the cap is bless 7. :ninja:

Ok folks I am going to leave it there, because that is already a lot! If you made it this far well done :clap: Please don't be afraid to find me in game and ask me questions. This game is an onion, so many layers!

Good luck and happy scalping :sarcastic:
Of course you are....and I am the Queen Of Sheba.

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