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 Server Merge Coming Soon!10.03.2021 08:00

Warriors of Faeo! We are glad to inform you that the merge of the COM and PL servers will begin soon! The first clans and players will be able to move to the COM server tomorrow, and the global merge will begin on approximately Wednesday 10th March.

On 10th March, from around 09:00 to 14:00, the server will be closed for maintenance. The battlefields will be disabled from 08:00. The merge itself will take place in stages – players will not all move to COM at once, but rather in turns. Upon completion of the merge, you will be able to find many new friends among the players of the PL server, who will play War of Dragons with you!

Welcome to COM!

Author: Acconitum, editor note: tceba

21. szczypior_678 11.03.2021 12:14
teraz codzien ma byc takie popierdolone logowanie ??? numery do ników­ dodaliscie­ jak zyda i do pieca tak ? po Polsku niemozna pisac na gównych­ handlowych­ poyebało was do reszty ??
22. FD-Leszy 11.03.2021 12:41
Hello, I have a character on the magmar side, nickname FD-Leszy, after changing­ the server to com, I logged in but my character starts from the beginning, i.e.­ from 1lvl-aa the current character that I play on the magmar side has the­ nickname FD-Leszy 5th lvl I have armor of a wonderful clever style and top­ jagura my character shows up to me when logging in, but the nickname is still­ 961 and I can't enter my character because when I log in automatically I­ start from lvl 1, please restore my character because I put a lot of money into­ it I have many other valuable things in backpack like miraculous armor mammoth­ card decks and other. Please do something about it I want to back my­ character to 5lvl nickname FD-Leszy Here are some JPG pictures from the bank­ with money and my backpack Names of the characters *Hello. I am asking you­ to remove the character nick FD-Leszy 1lvl and restore the character FD-Leszy­ 5lvl magmar because by lug on com logs me on lvl 1 and not on my character­ FD-Leszy 5 lvl shows me the window of my character but there is a number added­ nick FD -Leszy_961 for which I can not log in because he immediately throws me­ at lvl 1. I am asking you to restore my character from lvl 5-a on the side of­ magmars nickname FD-Leszy lvl5
23. -Kalikon- 11.03.2021 14:20
If someone has a problem with linking account because it creates new account lvl­ 1 try to do it this way: 1. Create a new account on 2.­ Via BROWSER log in ON PL SERVER with normal login+password, as usual on PL­ server. \ 3. When your character will appear with Zmień/Anuluj/Zapisz­ buttons then 3a) If there is no linked account click Zmień -> in new­ window that appers click Change Account -> Log in to the new­ account \ 3b) If there is linked account but it is already in use click Anuluj­ -> Zmień -> Change account -> Log in to the new­ account \ 4. Go back to your character screen and click Zapisz. 5. Done
24. -Kalikon- 11.03.2021 15:07
Oh and if it still creates a new character - just go back to screen with­ "Zapisz" button. DO NOT create a new character!!!
25. wolmen 11.03.2021 19:06
o co chodzi z 1 lvl-em??? miałem 10 lvl,wykasowane do 1 lvl-a,kurde­ gratuluje pomysłu z przenosinami,czekam na naprawe tego błędu ,na­ pewno od 1 poziomu nie będe zaczynał gry
26. -Kalikon- 11.03.2021 20:16
Maybe this guide could help ->
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