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 MY.GAMES: Five Years Together!27.05.2024 13:00

MY.GAMES is a whole universe. There are ancient kingdoms, planets inhabited by steel monsters, and boundless skies in which entire archipelagos soar or unprecedented aircraft fight. Today, we celebrate a special day - five years since Legend: Legacy of the Dragons joined MY.GAMES!

Such a nature wonder, of course, cannot escape the attention of  Globius and  Avelius. Wise men have learned in advance from ancient books that the parade will briefly lift the veil that separates Faeo from other worlds. And so the researchers insist that all the inhabitants of Faeo leave their business and direct their eyes to other spaces full of amazing secrets!

A special holiday achievement awaits all warriors who log into the game before 23:59 01.06. We also give everyone a free "red" Premium status! To activate it, be sure to log out of the game and log back in before 23:59 on 31.05.
The Fifth Anniversary of MY.GAMES

A festive whirlwind has also brought forth The Treasure of Worlds Chest and The Treasure of the Universe Chest, forged in the depths of these special realms. In honor of the anniversary, you will be able to purchase them in the "Heroes of the Worlds" section of the Premium Shop. The outer appearance of these chests will amaze any jeweller, but inside you will find familiar and very useful artefacts that will undoubtedly come in handy in the kingdom of the Great Dragons.

Opening The Treasure of the Universe Chest will populate the progress bar in the Premium Shop. When you fill the bar, you will receive special signs: The "Universe of Games" sign, which can be spent in the same section on all sorts of rare emoticons, skins, gifts, and other special items. By the way, pay attention to the new jewellery set Ring "Hero of the Worlds": purchased for diamonds, and Amulet "Hero of the Worlds" for tokens.

The festive chests will remain on sale until 12:00 on 01.06 and you can exchange coins until 12:00 on 01.06. Hurry up to please yourself with purchases!
The Parade of Stars quest will be available to players who have reached level 3 from 27.05 13:00 until 01.06 13:00. You can accept the quest from  Globius in Pacifist Hills and  Avelius in Thorn Apple Brushwood.
Such a Parade of Stars occurs in Faeo only once a year. Join us in the celebrations, warriors!
Author: Liusaidh, editor note: MisterFixxer

1. Fraggle1 27.05.2024 15:49
Die Preis aus den Kisten im Premium Schop sind ein Witz­ , 20 Gold pro Truhe­ , 2­ Stückgekauft und rausbekommen 1 Schmugglersack und Mithril-Schlüssel 1­­ Stk. So was könnt Ihr Euch sparen!!!
2. - RangeR - 27.05.2024 17:45
i invested 40 g for 2x chests 17:42 Im Geschäft hast du Folgendes gekauft:­ Der Schatz der Welten Truhe 2 Stk. Vielen Dank! 17:42 Phiole der Flamme­ der Erbarmungslosigkeit 6 Stk 17:42 Funke der himmlischen Flammen 3­ Stk not that bad i guess :D
3. Fraggle1 27.05.2024 23:35
GW RangeR
4. Mortimer Dave 28.05.2024 21:04
Happy Anniversarry! Cheers! Thank you for organizing and Gift.

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