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 Storm in Meridian Vaults!05.07.2024 17:00

Brave warriors! The gods of war call upon you to participate in fierce battles after the appearance of a magical storm, which has temporarily changed the rules of battle in Meridian Vaults.

From the 05.07 17:00 until the 08.07 11:00, players from level 5 to 20 will be able to participate in Meridian Vaults. Players will compete against others within their own level group. Players between level 5-15 will receive a random set of equipment on the battlefieldNormal rules will apply to players of level 16+ and above.

Please note: injuries will be automatically healed after combat on the battle server.
As a well-deserved reward for victory, you will receive Midday Reward Chest, and for defeat - Small Midday Award ChestPlease note: without the Midday coin of Good Luck token, you can only receive three Midday Reward Chests per day.

 And for the battles to be even more fascinating, the sale of valuable items has began in the Premium Shop. It will last until 12:00 08.07.
Risk to receive the Gift of Vaults!
Author: Tigerok, editor note: Tigerok

1. Ukoback 05.07.2024 17:52
"In order to join the queue, you must have 3 gold in your wallet."­ Let's be honest, what low-mid level player is going to participate in that­ battlefield when we can't gain any reputation and the rewards are so bad?­ They wouldn't do it even if it were free, let alone for 3 gold less. When­ you set up these kinds of events, think about the rest of the players, thanks.
2. Don Pelayo 05.07.2024 20:50
I will go =)
3. _-Sauron-_ 06.07.2024 00:19
The chests are kinda useless :) Bring back the OG-chests:­ and please fix­ location-bug everyone has... ty
4. Anos Voldigoad 06.07.2024 17:20
ukoback.. search youtube... "Cry me a river" Forgotten Heroes was 1g­ and 8 bf at same time to a time where all bfs was dead.. rep was stayed and­ forgotten heroes is gone now.. if maurin is good.. it will full too dont­ worry.. only who dont have gold is crying.. and who know how to play­ know how to earn money (fast)
5. Amfi666 07.07.2024 13:37
pls fi the lags on gathering in Mystras
6. -TIMARIUS- 11.07.2024 05:03
Ukonoob ever cry :cry: :cry: :cry:

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