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 Newsletter from Heralds18.06.2021 18:00

Warriors! In the recent days we have been cleaning up the Guides section of the library. The guides are now grouped thematically - we hope it will make it easier and faster to find them in the library.
This section includes guides about various basic features of the game: Hunting, Navigator, Groups, Quests, Trade, Auction, Instances, and a Guide for novices.
Two library articles were moved into this category: Clans and Clan Functions.
Here you can find a Walkthrough, describing what new features, reputations or instance become available on each level. In this category you can also find a guide to Magic, as well as Level 11 and Level 16 guides.
This group includes guides to Talents, Super-blows, Hotkeys and Illusionary Slots.
Several articles have been moved into this section: Unity Ring, History Books, Luck Blessing, Invisibility and Sleeping Spirits.

We also added a new article: Broths
All the guides to obtaining purple armour from tokens can now be found here: for players level 1-5 - Time of Harvest and Fury, for players level 6-10 - Works of the Great Blacksmith, for players level 11-15 - Bloody Armory and for player level 16-20 - Missing Blacksmith.
This group consists of the articles about Runes, Elements and Magic Moulds.
In this section you can find out more about using Destruction and Crushing Scrolls.
Here you can learn how to fix Flash pop-up or clear cookies and cache.
Articles on different tokens and collection elements you can find in Faeo were grouped together: Merchant Marks, Commemorative Coins and Archer Tokens.
This section includes two articles: one about Summons in general and one about Superbeing Amulets.
  Guides moved to other sections of the library
Spark of the Heavenly Fire guide can now be found in Valuable Artifacts, Belts guide has been moved to Sets and Erdur Ore guide - to Special Events.
In addition to the new article about Broths, we have also updated Artisan's Bags guide. You can find it now in the Professions section. We also added this year's new rewards to Faeo under the Control of Darkness page.
We are are constantly working on updating articles in the Library, fixing any errors that we can find, and writing new guides. If you find any article that might need an update or you have an idea for an article that would make a good addition to the Library, let us know!
Stay tuned for more updates from the Archivist Team!
Author: Liusaidh, editor note: Liusaidh

1. Spirit _ Chaser 18.06.2021 18:06
thank you for your time and work to help improve teh guides and referrnces in­ game.
2. -SherlockHolmes- 18.06.2021 19:20
Well done guys. Thank you for your hard work on the library.
3. orrin 21.06.2021 07:12
gj! keep it up

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