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 The Sunken Ship01.09.2011 06:36

Day by day warriors cross the Balluar Ocean while travelling through Faeo. This ocean is never peaceful as it is inhabited by dangerous monsters, but if there is a bad storm it is impossible to reach your destination alive. Many ships full of gold and other treasures have been caught by the storms. Now is your chance to discover one of the sunken ships!

The Sunken Ship can be found in the Ship Graveyard, on the ground of the Balluar Ocean. It sunk many centuries ago, but the undead crew and the captain are still on board. If you manage to kill the captain you will find a fragment of a map. Try to get all four fragments and assemble them so that you have the complete map which will show you where to search for the captain’s treasure.


Players who have studied the Dead Rum Guidebook and who have an empty flask with them can obtain Dead Rum. If you bring the captain's Dead Rum to  Brugilda or  Gredeya they will exchange it for Quicksilver.The amount of quicksilver will directly depend on growth in Juggernaut reputation.


The Sunken Ship is an instance that can be accessed by all players from level 6 who have access to the Underwater World from the Ship's Graveyard.
Author: Cross Knight, editor note: Cross Knight

11. travel bag 01.09.2011 13:40
who had done this quest pls tell how many Qsilvers can u get n depand on ur­ reputation.
12. erlkonig 01.09.2011 14:03
I looked on .ru server, and it said rum gives the following about of­ QS: Juggernaut badge QS recieved No Badge: ­ 24 Grey Badge: 49 Green Badge: ­ 81 Blue Badge: 116 Purple badge: ­ 117 Red Badge: 118 118
13. marensman 02.09.2011 03:35
I need to get this book. a spot of rum would go good right about now...
14. iamsmall 02.09.2011 05:50
aww man!
15. Hatred 02.09.2011 15:51
If Jack Sparrow killed the captain, would it be a mutiny or piracy?
16. Nevyn 02.09.2011 21:36
@Hatred - probably suicide.
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