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 Russia 2018 extra points14.06.2018 10:00


Get extra points in predicting the ...



For a limited time only you can gain additional points added to your total scores.



Extra points


TOP 3 teams …

Another 15pts can be won if you can foresee the correct TOP3 teams in the correct order.

Up to 10 points if you predict the right teams but wrong order.


… Teams in the final …

Another 10pts can be gained if you can tell us the correct teams playing in the final.


… and still not finally …

20pts are waiting for you if you already can tell us the winning team of the tournament.


So get your brains working and predict the best teams out of 32 teams.




How to poste


Place your bet as folllows:


Link of your character:



- Team A
- Team G
- Team E


Teams in final

Team A vs. Team B


Winner team of the tournament

Team X






Participate here!


… there is still more to come. So stay attentive and don´t miss it! 


We wish you lots of fun and good luck!


If you wish to translate this text to your native language so that more players could understand the rules and take part in the game, please post your translation in the appropriate topic in the Hall of Languages and send the link to your post to any  Jester. Thank you. 



Author: Lisad, editor note: Lisad

1. La_DiVa 14.06.2018 13:24 TOP­ 3 Brazil Germany Spain Argentina Teams in­ final SPAIN VS GERMANYl Winner team of the­ tournament SPAIN
2. el tory 14.06.2018 16:07 TOP­ 3 Brazil Germany Spain France Teams in final BRAZIL­ VS GERMANY Winning team of the tournament Brazil
3. DeCrypt 14.06.2018 18:53
we have a +2 here
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