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 Precious and Precious Forged Trunks for customers!11.07.2018 13:00

Warriors! Merchants have put up for sale Especially Precious and Precious Forged Trunks and cordially invite all of you to purchase these unique goods at City Fairs of Dartrong and O’Delvays!

Merchants would like to draw your attemtion to the fact that Merchant Marks don't drop from these chests!

You can find many useful things at the bottom of these coffers and trunks: Certificates, Amulets of Summon and War Mage Amulet, Encased Chess Figures, Combat Potions and other valuable goods.

Hurry! Coffers and Trunks will be available till July 13th, 12:00!
May the contents of the coffers help you on your way to new victories and deeds!
Author: Lisad, editor note: Lisad

1. --Vizoro-- 12.07.2018 00:14
Opening one Ten-Fold Trunk equals opening ten Especially Precious Trunks but­ with certain distinctions: - The chance of getting a rare prize is 10­ times higher. - The chance of getting Horseshoes of Luck is 10 times higher,­ and you are guaranteed to receive at least one horseshoe (if you do not have a­ maximum of horseshoes of this type already). - The chance of getting a Lucky­ Cerrador Statuette is 10 times higher. - The amount of precious stones­ received is 10 times greater. - When you open it, you will receive 10 random­ prizes from the list of rewards for Especially Precious Trunk. Can­ only be obtained at the City Fair. Inside you will find: Cerrador­ Amulet and Scorpolion Amulet Titan Sash Seal of Antimagic­ Folio Mass Healing Folio Legendary Working Tool Certificate ­ Working Tool Certificate Battle Axes Symbol Shoemaker Token, 10-35­ pcs. Little Cerrador Medallion Large Bright Crystal Young­ Scorpolion Medallion Joker Card War Mage amulet fragments ­ Closed Chess Pieces of all levels Absolute elixirs Merchant­ Marks Other prizes
2. --Vizoro-- 12.07.2018 00:15
00:12 Holding your breath, you open the trunk... 00:12 and under it's­ cover you were lucky to find Copper Horseshoe of Luck 1 pcs. You continue­ searching the content of the casket... 00:12 and found inside: Merchant­ Mark 225 pcs, Absolute Scroll of Retribution 15 pcs. that is 5 g for­ nothing special...
3. O S Î R Î S 14.10.2018 14:18
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