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 Golden Fish06.08.2018 14:00

Tired of looking at her reflection in the transparent water as she languishes in the August heat and tedium, the mermaid begins to daydream. After fruitless attempts to find something to lift her mood, she absentmindedly looks at the golden thread tied around her scaly tail as decoration and an idea comes to her mind. A Golden Fish!



This wonderful creature would not only be pleasing to the eye but it would be a pet for the mermaid and the capricious beauty could pour out all her care and affection onto it. The long-haired mermaid can only trust a warrior to catch her a golden fish, justifiably considering that it is not a task for just any inhabitant of Faeo. In addition, the new pet will require a magnificent home and tasty feed, and it is no simple task to acquire all that.



The mermaid asks the warriors of Faeo to obtain all of the above, promising a chest containing a powerful weapon of the river people as a reward as well as several precious souvenirs. Warriors may obtain some other useful items while performing this task.



August - just the time to go fishing! Both  Sorena the Mermaid, residing at Lumirya Waterfall, and  Maeli the Mermaid of Sly Cove will gladly tell warriors what is so good about summer fishing and what a valuable fish you can catch in the last month of the summer.

The event will be available to all warriors that have reached level 3.


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Author: Lisad, editor note: Lisad

1. Battl3K1ng69 06.08.2018 15:33
2. COZYA-Nostra 06.08.2018 16:11
Why I can not change the midges from the mermaid?
3. -_Athena_- 06.08.2018 16:30
me too
4. Sequana 06.08.2018 17:44
Probably have to finish the starting quest first. Get her the goldfish and and­ his aquarium and after you can hand in the midges.
5. -Grahf- 06.08.2018 19:28
Where do i find these midgets again?
6. -Grahf- 06.08.2018 19:30
pacifist hills
7. -Magra- 07.08.2018 11:32
no way to get the dailly quest from the dragon done since there are no daily­ quests available.
8. ReddWidow 08.08.2018 01:20
been fishing for an hour and still no goldfish
9. Lisad 09.08.2018 10:58
Daily quests will return on monday
10. Yippeekiay 10.08.2018 01:29
I think he meant no daily quests available for this event, but there is when you­ complete goldfish, you then just hand in midges to Sorena which completes the­ Urchi Daily Seasonal event bonus quest each day.
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