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 Grand Fort and Faytvor14.01.2009 12:10

A long time ago, the diary of a wanderer fell into the hands of a wise man, who was astonished to read about lands of abundance, boundless seas and giant birds. According to the wanderer, one of the birds "was reminiscent of dragons, the other had wings as white as snow." What were these writings all about? More importantly, where were the lands they spoke of?

Described in the diary were the regions of  Grand Fort in Ogriy and  Faytvor in Khair. Grand Fort consists of the Castle, Grand Fort Suburbs, Grand Fort Harbour, Luan Coasts and Gryphon Crossing. Faytvor is made up of the Castle, Faytvor Suburbs, Wyvern Crossing and, leading to the sea, the Ancestral Mountains and Terror Wharf.  Nowadays, every citizen of Faeo can visit these lands. Reliable sources confirm the lands are rich, the flora wild and the wildlife varied. Nature spared no expense in filling these lands with resources. But anyone who goes there must keep a sharp look out, because dangerous beasts roam the abundant lands: Phitzells, Krogans, Gargoyles have all been spotted there and numerous banished and bitter mercenaries, Outcasts, also wander the lands.



Intriguingly, the castles block the route to some of the regions and warriors can only reach the regions by paying for the services of Navigator Luran, in Gryphon Crossing, and Navigator Vezur, in Wyvern Crossing. It is the navigators who control the "giant birds," spoken of by the ancient wanderer.
Humans can reach Grand Fort from the Wasteland of Rest and Magmars can make it to Faytvor from the Skies above the Forgotten Graves.
But don't rush to break down the castle gates - they are not yet open to warriors.


11. almegadon 16.01.2009 04:17
where is the place tell me or just mail it to me
12. Agapi 17.01.2009 13:23
now world map update+hunters book update and all be just fine :D gratz for­ evolving
13. red wave2008 18.01.2009 20:39
How do i get in the shop? In this castle
14. raul zar 01.12.2009 17:18
im level 2 i dont know how to level up fast someon can tell me? oh and cool­ update :)
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