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 More fireworks for the celebration07.07.2017 09:20

Preparation for the festive fireworks in honor of the decade continues. The enchanted fireworks, thankfully obtained by the dedicated continents' defenders, wait for their time to blow the night Faeo sky in millions of flickering flashes. But for the holiday to be really successful and every burst of the crackers to leave the audience delighted, the Festival Organiser needs a wide variety of warrior qualities and emotions – in fact, as is known, they will serve as charges for the anniversary fireworks display.

Valorious warriors! The Festival Organiser decided to prepare a spare set of fireworks for the holiday celebration. Remembering the adventures on the way to the capital, you can understand his excitement and desire to insure himself. That is why you will have to fight once more on the legendary battlefields of Faeo and Chaotic battles! Chaotic battles – a challenge for warriors from level 5 and above. During this battles you need to charge the artefact with Friendly Unification. Аnd warriors level 3 and 4 must fill the magic amulet with the Bitterness of Defeat from their opponents, while fighting at the Crystalline Caves, Temple and Arena

The Festive Organiser is waiting volunteers at the City Fair grounds of  Dartrong or  О’Delvays for completing the quest «A War Trophy for the Tenth Anniversary: bitterness of defeat» and «A War Trophy for the Tenth Anniversary: friendly unity». You can accept the quests from this moment and until 12:00 server time on July 10th. The Organiser will accept charged amulets until 12:00 server time on July 13th.

Battles are never too much! In this weekend even the warlords of  Ogriy and  Khair call the warriors to take part in the Chaotic Battles. Remain strong and in full force - your weapons and armors will stand against any attack because in this battles they are not threatened by any breakings. Fight for victory - winners in Chaotic battles will receive double valor! You can compete in strength and stamina, starting from this moment until 12:00 on July 10th.
Get up your spirit – let every battle bring you victory!
Author: Threepwood, editor note: Threepwood

1. No Pain No Gain 07.07.2017 12:17
again bad event gb it is better
2. -Olivier- 07.07.2017 12:18
Be kind and cool with low lvl mages ^^
3. Tzunami 07.07.2017 12:30
12:30 Unable to start chaotic battle. Minimum number of participants was not­ reached.
4. Warlordekkie 07.07.2017 13:52
tallaars non-break wud be the best idea u guys come up with :ponder:
5. Pilek 07.07.2017 15:37
15:35 Unable to start chaotic battle. Minimum number of participants was not­ reached.......:sleep:
6. Tzunami 07.07.2017 16:38
15:30 Unable to start chaotic battle. Minimum number of participants was not­ reached.
7. Pilek 07.07.2017 22:20
today 0,000 chaotics,now admons see,how much aktiv is this event
8. -Otrac- 09.07.2017 03:06
03:05 Unable to start chaotic battle. Minimum number of participants was not­ reached. pfff,no fun chaotuic battle in event it's nul never­ people,tallaar good!
9. Mdg 09.07.2017 16:03
-Otrac- "it's nul" now i know ur a french xD
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