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 New items: Chess Figurines03.06.2009 04:01

A group of hunters recently pursued and  finally cornered a pack of wild beasts. After killing and flaying the animals, the surprised warriors discovered some strangely shaped  crystal eggs. 

The hunters' surprise turned into disbelief when one of them stumbled, shattering one of the fragile objects to shards: a subtle chess figurine dropped to the floor, singing in an ancient and strange language! Here are some samples of these astonishing magical objects:

Ater being shown these figurines, the wise men consulted ancient, dust-covered books and discovered the following interesting information: the origins of the Crystal Eggs and the Figurines within will be revealed in due time, but the Crystal Eggs are transfeable to other warriors until shattered, while the figurines inside are non-transferable. 
Some chess figurines drop from defeated monsters in instances. These figurines are not enclosed into eggs and are also non-transferable. The most interesting part for fighters eager to improve their attributes and to get new equipment: when a warrior has obtained a full set of chess figurines (16 pieces), he can exchange it for armor at the   Lumirya Waterfall and the  Tomb of Kings. Just talk to  Dawn and  Shadow to exchange your chess into armour!


Author: LowkeyLyesmith, editor note: Drolevil

1. Balk 04.06.2009 13:37
I receives a pair of pieces from demon hound...
2. El Guerrero 04.06.2009 14:36
In English it is called a chess piece. Figurine - is a chess piece presented­ on a diagram... in a book for example.
3. MaNTreN 04.06.2009 15:16
4. LowkeyLyesmith 04.06.2009 15:49
El Guerrero:
yeah, you are right, but we had an internal reason to call it­ "figurines".
5. coopas 04.06.2009 15:58
So if i would have 16 chess pieces and i change them for armour, will i get only­ one armour piece or a full set. And is the armour piece chosen by me or is it­ random.
6. Livelord 04.06.2009 16:49
You can go to Lumirya Waterfall and speak with Dawn.
7. Saorie 04.06.2009 22:53
@ coopas: on german server just one piece of armour and you can't choose the­ pieces, drop or buy in the auction. the most ridiculus rubbish in this­ game...
8. Lamka 14.06.2009 13:00
On this server you get to chose which item you want for it. and you get a chance­ to sell/trade chess pieces.
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