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 Magic storm on Plateau!17.09.2021 17:00

Mages of Faeo haven't yet finished investigating the magic storms in different parts of the world, when a similar storm has already broken out on Ancient Plateau!
The only, but very significant change that the storm has brought into the usual battle rules on the Ancient Plateau is the inability to use most of the negative effects on the enemies in the above mentioned battlefields! But if one already has a negative effect on their character, it will not prevent them from visiting these!


Also, you will get 5 Gift of Power and 1 Warrior Fury after teleporting on Plateu by clicking on !
You will also have no-break during the Magical Storm!

 And for the battles to be even more fascinating, the sale of valuable items has began in the Premium Shop. It willIt will start on 17.09 at 17:00 and will last 11:00 20.09. 

Ready to meet the changed rules fully armed?
Will you have enough courage?
Author: Clover-  More (comments: 4)

 Bankers generosity!17.09.2021 12:00

Warriors! Replenish your account with diamonds and receive rewards that many Ogriy and Khair inhabitants dream of!
 Sum:    Reward:
When replenishing 100 11550
When replenishing 200 215100
When replenishing 300 11011
When replenishing 400 110150
When replenishing 500 115150

If your level is below 7 you will receive 1-2 amulets Decrepit Dragon Gift Amulet instead of treats.

The offer will last from 17.09, 12:00 till 19.09, 23:59.

Use this profitable opportunity to become stronger!
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 Beneficial exchange16.09.2021 18:02

Banks of Ogriy and Khair value and love their clients, because mutual respect is the foundation on which beneficial to both parties relations are built! Anyone who trades in diamonds will have a pleasant surprise...

With a one-time 20 diamonds for gold exchange in the bank you will receive an additional reward! Hurry up! After all, bankers can change their minds...
There will be enough gifts for everyone!
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 Ore warehouse opens!16.09.2021 18:01

Erdur Ore - is a great rarity. Once, almost all the reserves of this mineral were extracted from the bowels of the gnomes, which made it very strong armor. But sometimes the miners manage to find an ancient storehouse, and then a consignment of valuable goods is sent to trusted trading partners. And now Erdur Ore has again appeared on sale!

If you want to make armor according to old gnome recipes, suplement your ore reserves in exchange for various quest resources. To do this, hurry to Sadok in the Baurvill Hamlet and Armak in the settlement of Faytir, where the shopkeepers have already opened their Ore warehouses.
Also, now you can exchange your PvP-based gear for PvE-based gear, which is needed to create new red weapons and armor! Just check the Artifact Exchange tab.
Keep in mind that this kind of transformation is a bit hard for a merchant, so he will use Spark of the Heavenly Fires as a reagent. For example:
+ 1 =
+ 2 =
+ 1 =

Also, you can purchase Empty Erdur Boxes, which will allow you to put some Erdur Ore into them and give them to another player or place into Auction House. Keep in mind that Full Erdur Boxes can be traded only once.
Please note that merchants will sell you more if you purchase any of the special Dwarf rings - Gnome Guardian's Ring or Gnome Treasurer's Ring:

Merchants will leave Feo on 19.09 23:59.
Do not waste time, warriors, - Erdur Ore is never to much!
Author: Clover-  More (comments: 1)

 Rare Items for a Special Price16.09.2021 18:00

Warriors of Faeo! City tradesmen announced the start of yet another sale! You can purchase various goods in the Rare Resources Store for very special price!

Merchants have decided to drop prices for items that are selling for diamonds and you can also now buy huge packs of resources with massive discounts! In addition, traders will be happy to offer you decorated chests with valuable resources!
And this time - with discounts up to 30%!
Also, till 23:59 19.09 for each 100 diamonds spent in the the Rare Resources Store you will receive an additional 45x Platinum Thaler, 2x Ludial Chain Link, 1x Reflection Gem and ONE of the following artifacts:


The sale will last until 23:59 19.09!
Have a pleasant shopping!
Author: Clover-  More (comments: 2)

 Clan Wars16.09.2021 16:00

Brave warriors! Are you ready to fight with the best of the best? Your time has come! Let the flame of struggle break out, for the Second season of the First Division of the Clan Wars has begun!

Attention! This season is special, because players up to the 10th level will be able to compete for the title of the best clan in it! Registration for clan wars is open, the first battle will take place already today! Pay attention to the conditions!

Attention! The season has restarted, the ratings have been reset, you can now apply for participation!

News Update: The shops of the patron and the triumphant were updated!
It is time to show what your clan can do!
Let the strongest clan win!
Author: Clover-  More (comments: 29)

 Special Chests!14.09.2021 13:00

Brave Warriors! Merchants have put up for sale Especially Precious and Precious Forged Trunks!

This time you may also purchase Small Lost Hero’s BagLost Hero’s Bag and Safeguard Chest!

After spending  100 diamonds in the Premium Shop, you are guaranteed to receive 70 Platinum Thaler, 1 Mithril Key and 2 Precious Forged Trunk as a gift.

You can find Precious Chests in the Premium Shop, the sale will be over on 15.09, 23:59.

News update: purchase restrictions have been updated!
Defenders of Faeo, trust your fate - you won't be disappointed! Buy especially precious trunks and receive valuable and useful goods!
Author: Clover-  More (comments: 1)

 Star Custodians13.09.2021 14:00

News update! Summon ritual scrolls are now available in Premium Shop!
The battles in Faeo happen not only on the land of continents soaked in  blood and  lava, but it also happens that they are transferred to a transcendental height! To where patrons of the twelve months of the year rule among the night stars that look like gems. Sometimes these formidable Constellations Keepers want to have fun, and then they go out into the arena to meet the heroes from other worlds in battles.
This arena, however, is also not simple, but Starry, so it's not easy to get to it... One can do it during the new «Star Custodians» event, when the cosmic wind capable of transferring the warriors to celestial spaces reaches Faeo. All those, who have at least one Custodians summon ritual scroll will be able to use the teleport. One can get such scrolls by hunting wild beasts, fighting on battlefields, participanting in different events and by gathering resources.

Let the heavens tremble from your walk, and the constellations blink in fright!
Become a Star Arena star!
Author: Acconitum  More (comments: 8)

 Gifts for Diamonds Purchase13.09.2021 13:01

Diamonds, that shine under the rays of Mirrow, are rightfully considered to be the most valuable currency of the world of Faeo. Warriors with the handful of diamonds can open many doors, and tradesmen will be glad to offer rarest goods. Now you can receive valuable and important goods for the mere fact of purchasing diamonds, without actually spending them!

Warriors! Starting 13.09, 13:00 and till 19.09, 23:59 when purchasing diamonds, during the special offer, you will receive gifts! There are 20 valuable gifts, which you will receive one by one for each  50 you buy.

IMPORTANT! You can now do that in multiple purchases - your reward will unlock after the sum of your purchases is greater than 50! After receiving one prize, you will receive the next one after purchasing another 50 diamonds in total. Remember that you don't have to spend the diamonds to get the rewards!
Hurry - this offer is limited in time!
Author: Clover-  More (comments: 0)

 Win rare cards!11.09.2021 09:15

Defenders of Faeo! The Premium shop owners decided to please the warriors: different card sets have just appeared on the shelves, covered with soft velvet. Hurry up to purchase them! Also, dont miss the discounts up to 20%!

Owners of Favored by luck certificate can receive up to 3 random rare cards from a total of 40 rare cards!

Besides this, after purchasing Set of 60 Conlegret cards you will receive 1 Banker's Receipt as a bonus. You may exchange 2 Banker's Receipt for Set of 30 Conlegret cards in the Premium Shop!
Don't miss this chance, since you will only have it until the 11:00 13.09!

Till 11:00 13.09 you will receive an additional rewards for every 200  you spend in Premium Shop:
Play the decks for rare cards!
Author: Acconitum  More (comments: 1)

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