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 Mysterious statue of experience21.04.2017 06:00

Warrior! Strange things are happening in your estate. Dark energy breaks out from under the ground below the Statue of Experience built on your land. Talk to your Own Shadow to find out what's going on!

You can find out more about the Mysterious Statue of Experience in the game library

 The quest is available for all warriors from level 7 that have a Statue of Experience built in their estate.

Author: Threepwood, editor note: Threepwood

11. -MAL- 21.04.2017 13:36
Can we have more informations about what we can find in this new Mysterious shop­ ? before we destroy the normal exp statue ?
12. -Dullahan- 21.04.2017 14:39
Jeez quit whining. If you rather the old statue then keep it and ignore this all­ together. Let others who don't mind go ahead and build. Then explain the­ benefits to be had. Then you can make the decision to undo all prior work on old­ statue to get same benefits if attractive.
13. RoughRock 21.04.2017 14:50
@ Dullahan. We will wait for your update on benefits. so that we can decide.
14. **fantasy** 21.04.2017 21:16
IMPORTANT FOR ADMIN : Make interesting items in the new store of the new­ building otherwise it will not build anyone.
15. -Dullahan- 22.04.2017 06:38
@RoughRock Wait no longer. The rewards are 10pcs of 1 million exp pot for 100g­ each. 10pcs of 5k Shadow exp pot for 20g each. Lesser gray exp pots also sold. 7­ day purple armor for your level (not sure if repeatable purchase). Shiny purple­ Style weps for 10g per set. See real easy. No need to break own lvl6 statue when­ can guinea pig a multi or ask others the rewards ^^
16. pallinium 22.04.2017 08:02
dullahan i use much time and much gold for do my statue and now for have this­ shop is necessary destroy and Reconstruct new statua starting at­ 0!!!! for you this is normal?!?!?! for me­ no!!!!
17. No Pain No Gain 22.04.2017 15:32
Problem with items,When I put a sword I bug in combat (means) but if I put the 2­ swords I lag (impossible to fight) If I do not put the swords I do not bug­ in fight it's weird­ .... htt­ p://
18. -Dullahan- 22.04.2017 15:58
@pallinium Thats the point. You dont need what the shop offers. So you don't­ need to destroy old statue until you really require more exp than to save. And­ trust me that day will come especially for someone with your play style.
19. No Pain No Gain 22.04.2017 16:09
@lososerg can you help me ?
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