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August 2017
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Preparation for the festive fireworks in honor of the decade continues. The enchanted fireworks, thankfully obtained by the dedicated continents' defenders, wait for their time to blow the night Faeo sky in millions of flickering flashes. The Festival Organiser needs a wide variety of warrior qualities and emotions – in fact, as is known, they will serve as charges for the anniversary fireworks display.

Battles are never too much! In this weekend even the warlords of  Ogriy and  Khair call the warriors to take part in the Chaotic Battles. Remain strong and in full force - your weapons and armors will stand against any attack because in this battles they are not threatened by any breakings. Fight for victory - winnres in Chaotic battles will receive double valor!
Get up your spirit – let every battle bring you victory!
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 Woes without Wit05.07.2017 15:37

Fell stones that brought down animals all over Faeo with terrible disease have been the most important topic of discussion at the city council. Where did they come from, what other unspeakable horrors they could bring and other scary questions have left the elders and city officials very worried and eager to take action.

A decision has been made to seek advice from the wise mean and consult the ancient manuscripts in their possession. Elders  Baguron and  Verkiry once again ask warriors for help! 

Quest is available for warriors from level 3 who completed the quests «A Guest who Vanished» and «A Virulent Disease».
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Warriors! Merchants have put up for sale Especially Precious and Precious Forged Trunks and cordially invite all of you to purchase these unique goods at City Fairs of Dartrong and O’Delvays!


You can find many useful things at the bottom of these coffers and trunks: Certificates, Amulets of Summon and War Mage Amulet, Encased Chess Figures, Combat Potions and other valuable goods.

Other than ordinary chests you can purchase - Ten-Fold Precious Trunk! It gifts you same amount of prizes as 10 Especially Precious chests, hence the chanse to get a rare prize is 10 times higher! You can now spend less time, instead of opening 10 chests you can open only one - save your energy and your mouse's durability! Moreover, in each of such chests you will find one of the horseshoes (if, of course, you don't already have maximum amount of horseshoes of such type). Furthermore, there is a special offer - 12 of such chests can be purchased with a 17% discount!

What is more, from now on for the participation in the event you can additionally get - Lucky Cerrador Statuette Attention, this statuette is not a prize, with a certain probability it can be given to you in addition to the prize. If you collect 6 statuettes your can craft Magic Lasso. This magical lasso will help you catch and tame a true mount of the world of Faeo. Cerrador, ScorpolionRestless Dzerug, Ice BearFierce Pkhadd - any of these mount can become yours, you can choose which one.

ATTENTION: Merchants sell different chests both with and without Merchant Marks this time!
Hurry! Coffers and Trunks will be available till July 10th, 12:00 server time!
Defenders of Faeo, trust your fate - you won't be disappointed! Buy especially precious trunks and receive valuable and useful goods! May the contents of the coffers help you on your way to new victories and deeds!
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 Carnival of Masks04.07.2017 13:00

If you are in a good mood, there is always a reason to celebrate! That is what the tireless entertainers and cheerful stunners, who amuse Faeo residents with their performances think.


The beautiful  Nadilarie, who cannot stand the boredom and dismay, and the cheerful  Sheamus, a man, who exchanged his satisfied life for the chainless travels with the troop tradesmen, decided to cheer up the residents of Ogriy and Khair with the exciting event – Carnival
The fate of the Carnival is in your hands!
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Brave warriors! Again it is time for exciting battles: 7 forgotten heroes are back on the battlefields. It is you who will have to help them! 

You can now level up the Dungeons of Forgotten Heroes Reputation in battles in the Dungeons of Forgotten Heroes.

Reputation Rewards










For victory in the battlefield you will get 20 reputation points. For loss, draw or if you exit the battlefield in progress you will lose 10 points.

Go to Dungeons of Forgotten Heroes and participate in fierce 7 vs. 7 fights with your swore enemies. Incarnate as a forgotten hero whose time has gone and only you can relive their experience and clash your swords in battle with each other.

Each incarnation has its own unique abilities and battle tactics. Only complete team of all 7 incarnations can have a chance of victory.

Upgrade your heroes during the battles, collect Token of Forgotten Heroes from the defeated heroes. Only the team who can find the winning tactics will be able to go till the end of the dungeons.

Find the path to the enemy base and destroy their altar in order to win. It is not as easy as it sounds!

New instance is still in test mode and available for players of level 3 and higher till July 5th, 15:00.

You can queue up for the new instance via Battlefields tab!

- Read more about the new instance in the library
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 Limited Time Payment Bonus03.07.2017 06:27

Warriors! For a limited time only bankers of the world of Faeo are offering you a very generous payment bonus. Purchase 100, 200 or 300 and receive more than 100% in bonus items!


IMPORTANT: You will be able to receive payment bonus one time only!

Bankers' offer will last till July 10th, 12:00 Faeo time.
Make sure that you purchase diamonds by that time!
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 Luck Glow01.07.2017 11:34

The elders that restlessly observe the  Well of Fortune and  Mouth of Fortune in the continents' capitals brought good news to the people of Faeo. They found out that now and then the fire in the bottomless split burns brighter than usual, while the calm water of the well is covered by impenetrable fog. 

During this time everyone who throws  10,  100 or  1 in the altars of the fate, can attract the attention of the higher forces and receive quite a real reward: ranging from regular elixirs to unique armor. Having named this miracle Luck Glow, the elders encourage the warriors to seize the opportunity to get valuable gifts!
Don't miss the moment when Luck Glow shines over Faeo!
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The attic and the basement of the house at the Trade Fair that our esteemed Festival Organizer have occupied are full of wooden boxes with charges for the jubilee fireworks. It looks like it would be enough for a good show, but only at a first glance: for the different colored sparks to be seen from every corner of Faeo it would take much much more. Brave warriors! The Festival Organizer still needs your help to make charges for the jubilee fireworks .

This weekend our brave defenders of the continents are invited to shake the pillars of the world of Faeo with thundering blows to the ritual gongs of Tallaar Halls! You can stop worrying about your equipment: it won't break in fights there! 
Fight like it's your last! Earn the title of the Greatest Defender of Faeo!
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 Lottery Results29.06.2017 12:05

The most exciting moment for the fortune catchers has come – we are announcing winners of the lottery that you took part in by purchasing Lottery Ticket in the  Premium shop!

Find out who of the warriors of  Ogriy and  Khair have received prizes!
Congratulations to the winners!
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Darkness is defeated! Horrible creatures of Chaos wasn't able to enslave the world of Faeo: our brave defenders of Ogriy and Khair have striken them down! And it calls for a celebration!
Warlords Damirus and Gidver have opened special stores with rewards for our brave heroes who overtook the forces of Chaos.
Treat yourself with valuable rewards, you earned it!
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