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 Battlefield Tournament11.10.2011 15:41

The Arena of the Underground Knights, the Ancient Temple of the Chosen, the Crystalline Caves and the Tallaar’s Halls are the places in Faeo where warriors can show their true bravery and their ability to fight against their enemies. This weekend will be devoted to these battlefields! Warriors of Faeo, take part in as many battlefields as you can and win truly awesome prizes!

Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 71)

 Back to the Battle!10.10.2011 11:40

Recenty warriors were shocked to see the  Human Commander and the  Magmar Commander being drunk at the Beer Fest. Now both the commanders have sobered up and are ready to end a phase of laziness, drinking and even days of peace between  Humans and  Magmars. So they are calling warriors to the Malleable Badlands to fight for their race.

Update: Both the level 1-4 battle and the level 6-10 battle were won by the  Magmars. The  Magmar participants received a reward of 4000 Valor, the  Human participants received 2000 Valor.
Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 35)

 Beer Fest in the Pubs22.09.2011 12:25

Warriors, the landlords of your favorite pub in have spared neither trouble nor expense to prepare a traditional Bavarian Beer Fest. Many warriors will come. But will there be enough food and enough of the famous Shiz Beer?

 Mary in the free online game Legend: Legacy of the Dragons Landlord Givens in the free online game Legend: Legacy of the Dragons 

Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 21)

 Day of Peace21.09.2011 10:25

Faeo is a world full of war. But on one day the warriors of Faeo remember that it is much nicer to live in peace with their neighbors and they celebrate the Day of Peace by sharing a special Bread of Peace!


Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 57)

 PvP Weekend Tournament06.09.2011 21:32

Many battles have been fought between  Humans and  Magmars, and both sides have experienced many victories and countless defeats. Warriors of all levels have fought for their race. But which one is really the stronger race, which race is superior in Faeo? To find out the  Human Commander and the  Magmar Commander are organizing a tournament this weekend: A series of fights divided by level groups will take place throughout the weekend!

Update: After the eight battles were finished it became clear that Magmars and Humans currently have about the same strength as the tournament resulted in a draw. Magmars won all battles in the level groups 5-7 and 11+, Humans won all battles in the level groups 3-4 and 8-10. The winning participants of each battle received 4000 Valor per battle, the defeeated participants received 2000 Valor per battle.
Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 56)

 Labor Day Weekend01.09.2011 08:32

At the beginning of September the inhabitants of Faeo traditionally celebrate the hard work they have done with a day off. For a last time before the hot summer ends they come together under the sunny sky, have a barbeque and a long weekend of playing and partying. The elders have decided to open the Summer Fair Grounds once again for these celebrations.

Legendary character -  in the Russian version of the free browser game Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 52)

 Tunnel Travellers25.08.2011 07:25

In the old days when  Humans and  Magmars were still living in peace the most skilled engineers of  Ogriy and Khair built a tunnel between the two continents. This tunnel has long since been forgotten but now the entrances to the tunnel in  Virigiya District and  Vurdaliya County have been re-discovered! Are you courageous enough to enter the tunnel and find the way to your enemies?

Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 31)

 Free Your Commanders19.08.2011 07:35

Warriors, the commanders have been kidnapped! Now the clans of Faeo are needed.  Magmars, can your clan free the  Magmar Commander?  Humans, it’s the duty of your clan to free the  Human Commander!


Commander in the free browser game Legend: Legacy of the Dragons.  Commander in the free browser game Legend: Legacy of the Dragons.

Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 22)

 Find Eloahs Treasure18.08.2011 02:47

 Menachem and  Samary have spent the last days extracting the keys to Eloah’s treasure from the Collector’s Figurines. Warriors who have been waiting eagerly for these keys should now head to the antiquarians: the keys are finally there! But what can you do with the keys when you don’t know where the treasure is you want to unlock?

 Samary the Antiquarian in the free online game Legend: Legacy of the Dragons Menachem the Antiquarian in the free online game Legend: Legacy of the Dragons 

Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 54)

Have you ever thought about what happens to all the things that warriors drop carelessly all over Faeo because they don’t need them anymore or they want more room in their backpacks? There is garbage lying all over Faeo and it is not only ugly to look at – it also smells and attracts the Kretches. It is time to clean up Faeo and to remove all the garbage!

 Chooray the warden in the free online game Legend: Legacy of the Dragons Kugar the Hunter in the free online game Legend: Legacy of the Dragons 

Update: Faeo looks much cleaner now and the smell of rubbish has gone. warriors found garbage all over Faeo and removed it. And here are the clans that collected the most garbage on their side of Faeo:

Clean Your Countryside Winners

Race Magmars Humans
Clan Flawless Dark_Silver

All members of the winning clans have received an Eco Warrior Certificate which they can exchange for the Blessing of the Eco Warriors with  Chooray or  Kugar
Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 19)

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