Clan wars
In the mist-filled distance between the worlds, which can only be reached with aid of ancient magic, seemingly weightless, mysterious islands float in the air, also named the Rainbow Lands . There were once seven islands, each named after a color of the rainbow, but then the ghostly veil swallowed part of them like an unstoppable ocean wave. Who should assume the rule over the five remaining islands has been fought over by the most famous clans of the world of Faeo up to the present day.
The strongest opponents clash in bloody battles and fight for the right to be called the best of the best. The clan that can conquer and occupy the most islands wins eternal fame and the respect of all the warriors in the world of Faeo.
During the clan wars, every clan can put its mettle to the test by entering multiple bouts against other clans. In each bout, two clans face each other, regardless of their race and home server. The clan wars take place as an inter-server event in which warriors of all worlds can take part. The goal for each team is to conquer more islands than the corresponding opponent. There are 5 islands in total: A battle starts on each of them which results in the winner being crowned the ruler. The total of 5 battles take place at the same time and a round finishes only when all battles have ended. Each clan can take part in a bout up to once per day. The entire clan war is comprised of multiple bouts within a season. The duration of a season is unique and can stretch over many days and weeks. A clan's clan war ranking is improved each time it wins a bout: these rankings are then used to reward the best clan at the end of the season.
Application Room:
Requests to take part in a clan battle can be made by a Clan Commander or a person he has elected (Warlord) at any time before the battle begins. Clans from all servers take part in the battle. A minimum of 6 clan members have to be online to be able to take part. Before the start of the battle, all clan members have to make their way to the Rainbow Islands, the access can be found in the Spectral Expanse where Goddess Sheara also has her domain.

Pairings: Each clan will always face another clan that has a roughly similar rating. All clans receive the same rating at the start of each season. During the season, however, the clans will receive rating points according to their successes or defeats in the bouts and so climb or fall down the ranking.
The goal for each team is to conquer more islands than the opponent. There are 5 islands in total: A battle starts on each of them which results in the winner being crowned the ruler. The Warlord has 10 minutes after the battle commences to distribute his clan's warriors across the individual islands. This is done very easily via Drag&Drop from the participant list.

About 20% of the warriors taking part in the battle can be kept in reserve by the Warlord. After the battle has begun, the Warlord can call in his reserve warriors where needed. As soon as he activates the reserves to deploy them, the Warlord has another 3 minutes to distribute them across the islands. During the battle he can additionally use unique special curses :
- Eclipse calls a Rainbow Spirit of Eclipse into battle that reduces enemy damage to allies by 17%.
- Flash of Lightening this magic summoning calls a powerful Rainbow Spirit of Lightening into battle that increases allied damage to enemies by 17%.
- Illumination this magic summoning calls a powerful Rainbow Spirit of Light into battle that restores allies' health by 25%.

The curses are assigned to a battle on a designated island via Drag&Drop, whereby a monster is automatically summoned that deals the effect to your own team. Finally, the Warlord can now also enter the fray himself by selecting an island and joining the fight. This can only happen though if the whole reserve has already been deployed and curses have been used. During the battle for the islands no summons are allowed, the use of steeds is allowed, however. Each clan can conclude one round of play a day.
To win a round of play, it's important that the Warlord distributes his warriors across the 5 islands in a tactically sound manner. As long as the battles have not begun, however, he can't see how the opponent has deployed his warriors. It's therefore recommended that the clan's best warriors are kept in reserve in order to deploy them strategically in particular battles later on.
Seasons and prizes:
The clan wars are composed of numerous rounds within a season, which itself is divided into stages . During the first stage, all clans are still in the same league. During the second stage of the season, the best clans (according to the number of points they have in the Clan War Rating) are elevated to the Gold League and from this point on only battle against each other. The remaining clans are sorted into multiple Silver and Bronze Leagues according to their rating in order to climb up the ranking. If a clan playing in the Gold League is inactive for an extended period of time, it loses its place in the League and drops down. The duration of a season will be determined at the appropriate time by the administrators. At the end of the season the best clans (according to Clan War Rating, League and position) are rewarded with various prizes.

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