Great Lizard


 Barrow of Death

One of the most mysterious beings of the World of Faeo. It doesn't belong to any known race that has ever lived under this sky.  Information about the Great Lizard is so scarce, that sometimes one has to ask the question - does it really exist?


Spirit of Fire


 Gorge of Gondi

The envoy of the God Lajtira in the World of Faeo and the Lord of Fire; it is through him that Fire Elementals reach this world. It is within his power to send the Rain of Fire which can burn whole cities down to cinders.


The Rock


 Gorge of Gondi

This sapient rock, dark and silent, came to the World of Faeo when the world was still young. The Rock is wise and he has seen Gods come and go and whole races destroyed.


Statue of Vertsida


 Glade of Dreams

The statue of the Goddess of War, the patron of warriors. The belief was that those who worshipped her were given additional strength and their fighting spirit would not diminish even in the middle of the worst bloodbaths.




 Hell's Pass

The great black dragon, the gigantic Striagorn, was created by Sheara from the energy of Magmars. Striagorn is the personification of Magmar strength and ideology, and is well know for his ruthlessness and cruelty. His terrifying appearance is enough to make anyone tremble with fear.





The great white fire-spitting dragon that is Erifarius, was created by Sheara out of Human energy. Erifarius personifies the Human race's thoughtful nature and their general strength. He is calm, well-balanced and, deep-down, a philosopher.


Spirit of Wind


 Graves of the Poor

A weightless creature, he is the envoy of the God Eharit. The son of nature, he is the herald of storms and the conductor of hurricanes in the world of Faeo.





 Tomb of Kings

The embodiment of the magic of darkness, this black gloomy substance, this cloud of darkness with burning red eyes, is an intelligent creature, who is both powerful and terrible.



Lady Dawn



 Lumirya Waterfall

Lady Dawn is a daughter of the star of Mirrow, a beautiful and charming creature woven from the light. Her golden hair is like shining rays of light and she herself is the embodiment of the magic of Light.



Tatlie the Wise


Tatlie the Wise

 Daigon Islands
(Isles of Swirling Mist)

This old dweller of the Isles of Swirling Mist remembers the times when the snow white castle of Unarius was inhabited, for it is thanks to the magic of its owner that Tatlie became a creature of reason with the gift of telepathy. Not paying any heed to the wild creatures of his kind, the wise daigon spends his days alone, reflecting on the precariousness of life.




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