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Conlegret was an unusual game played by the members of an ancient race, the Mountain Giants, to entertain themselves. From the little information that has survived to our day, it is known that the game was created when the last two giants, Bronitrix and Gzomiabix, became bored. The Mountain Giants were the smallest and least belligerent race in Faeo which, evidently, led to their destruction by other, more brutal and blood-thirsty peoples. Having lost all their family and friends, Bronitrix and Gzomiabix fell into a depression. Their daily routine became a grinding monotony, day after day after day, with no entertainment or pleasure, no reason to laugh or even cry.


It was in those dreary, indistinguishable days that the Mountain Giants devised Conlegret, a card game where each card embodied a powerful creature from the world of the dead, summoned at the end of the game to fight with another no less powerful creature; not the actual creature itself, of course, only its wraith, but that made no difference to the game's fascination because the wraiths were complete copies of the real monsters, mirroring their abilities in battle exactly.


To make a card summon a wraith it was not sufficient simply to own it; it was essential to have a specific combination of different cards. These combinations were called 'circles' and were thematic. Bronitrix and Gzomiabix were the oldest inhabitants of Faeo and had the ability to see the future. Furthermore, they had access to many of the root causes of the world's happenings. All this allowed them to easily systematise all possible events and on that basis they formed their card combinations. So, for example, to activate a card with the hero Agudar, it was essential to complete a combination with cards of Magish and his circle, at the same time portraying a fragment of Faean history in an unbroken circle.


The idea of the game was in the collection of these 'circles', which number tens of thousands, and the subsequent battle of the summoned wraiths, which embodied the reflections of hundreds of heroes and antiheroes of all times and peoples, who had died and not even yet been born. Whichever side won this grand slashing, won the game.


Of course, that is only the basic principle of Conlegret. In reality, the game was based on a whole code of rules, including ideas such as 'adjacent circles' and various bonuses such as for a 'reverse', e.g. when Agudar beats Magish on the slashing field, and not the other way round, and many other such complex game issues. The game was so entertaining and remarkable for the giants, that it even interested the most powerful inhabitants of Faeo, the Twilight Dragons, who immediately wanted to master Conlegret. However, the giants refused to share their brainchild with the powerful dragons, sparking an apocalyptic war. The Mountain Giants had foreseen the future and knew full well that in the new world there would be no place for them and so they unhesitatingly went against the will of the dragons.


But, before the final battle with the Twilight Dragons, the Mountain Giants made sure that no one would get their hands on their brainchild and scattered the Conlegret cards amongst ordinary playing cards across the whole world. Assembling a complete set of 'circles', with the participation of all the heroes of the past, present and future became almost impossible; however, obtaining separate 'circles' and activating the wraiths within them is a fully-realisable task...


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